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Lenin’s Vanguard at Wellesley College: Get Thee To Hillsdale

An unsigned excerpt from an editorial in a college newspaper, the Wellesley News, was featured in The Wall Street Journal. It demonstrates that these college students have learned all too well at the knee of the Left. I move that anyone responsible for the editorial be required to take the Hillsdale College course on the U.S. Constitution. And spend a semester at Hillsdale to detoxify. ...

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Is the U of MN “Bias Response Team” Chilling Free Speech?

At the U of MN, there’s worry its “bias response team” will result in a chilling effect on campus. The U’s team, renamed the Bias Response and Referral Network (BRRN), decides if free speech is an act of bigotry or really just the First Amendment in action. The problem… is that free speech is often the first victim when bias response teams appear on campus. "At some point, it is policing what people are saying,” said Amna Khalid, an assistant professor of history at Carleton College in Northfield. Instead of encouraging students to confront opposing views, she says, it turns...

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MNPCA Update: Who is Chris Serres? Reporter or Union Activist?

Recently, a Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter named Chris Serres wrote a sympathetic article about a new SEIU union for home-based personal care attendants (PCAs):  “Minnesota's home care workers demand action on staff shortages, low wages: Two years after a contentious battle to form a union, they are starting contract negotiations” We thought the article felt more like a press release for the SEIU’s press conference last week. The press conference, announcing the start of new contract negotiations, was held at the Senate Office Building last Wednesday, September 28.  We just happened to find out about it that morning. I was able to...

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Why Were Cops Called to League of Women Voters Forum in Red Wing?

Should the cops be called in to stop a member of the public from filming or recording a public event in a public place on a cell phone or camera? They may not have called 911, but the Red Wing chapter of the League of Women Voters relied on the police to enforce a ban on video and audio recording at a candidate forum at City Hall on Wednesday. A YouTube video of the controversial incident shows LWV local officials confronting a photographer ready to film the House District 21A debate for the Minnesota Jobs Coalition, a conservative issue advocacy group....

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SEIU Gets Credit for State Benefits, While Collecting Millions in Scarce Medicaid Funds

Kris Greene and other home-based Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) do not want to be represented by the SEIU. With help from the Center’s Employee Freedom Project, Kris has launched a call at MNCPA.org for a new election so the 27,000 PCAs all over Minnesota have the chance to revisit the 2014 vote that made SEIU their exclusive representative. Kris recently told her story in the Star Tribune. Another PCA published a “Counterpoint” to Kris explaining, “Why, as a personal care attendant, I'll stick with the union.” The Counterpoint writer made a very sympathetic case for why he and his family members...

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Liberals Try to Censor Movie Critical of Hillary Clinton

Dinesh D'Souza has made a documentary titled Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party. The film is critical of Mrs. Clinton, as you might imagine, and also recounts the pro-slavery, pro-segregation history of the Democratic Party. Understandably, liberals aren't happy with the movie, and some have tried to shut it down. In Florida, a Democratic Party official tried to persuade a movie theater not to show Hillary's America on the ground that it "portrays his party’s presidential nominee in a negative light" and could cause violence against Democrats. If you think that is laughable, you are right. It is...

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