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Target: Happy Valentine’s Day To My “Person!”

My wife used to be a loyal Target shopper; in fact, she worked for Target quite a few years ago. Her loyalty has waned as the company has gotten ever more PC, but she still shops there occasionally. She took this picture of a Valentine's Day display in our local Target store: "You Are My Person." How romantic! Is Valentine's Day really celebrated by a lot of people who aren't sure whether the object of their affections is a man or a woman? Or, if the company wants to be gender-neutral, how about "You are my valentine?" Then there is the creepily...

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Are Three Percent of Minnesota Youths Transgender? Of Course Not

"Transgenderism" is the hot craze on the Left. A group that didn't exist (or wasn't known to exist) not many years ago is now presented as the key locus of oppression in American society. For those of us who have never encountered a transgender person, this is a head-scratcher. You can count on the Left to marshal bogus social science in support of its latest cause. Sure enough, today's Star Tribune features this shocking headline: "Almost 3 percent of Minnesota teens identify as transgender or gender non-conforming." The Strib treats this finding, based on a survey of Minnesota 9th and 11th...

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MN Dept. of Education Approves Controversial Transgender Toolkit

[caption id="attachment_7121" align="alignright" width="300"] Opponents of the toolkit wore red, supporters wore purple.[/caption] A Minnesota Department of Education council voted on and approved a “transgender toolkit” during its Wednesday evening meeting. The controversial 10-page document— “A Toolkit for Ensuring Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students”— drew a crowd of more than 200 people. LGBT activists rallied around the toolkit, stating transgender and gender nonconforming students needed more support to combat “bullying and harassment” in schools. (Yet, ironically, several of their advocates talked over the end remarks made by toolkit opponents, snarkily telling them "thank you," "goodbye," "you're done," "sit...

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Transgender Toolkit for MN Schools [UPDATE]

The MN Department of Education’s (MDE) School Safety Technical Assistance Council is a week away from approving its controversial transgender and gender nonconforming “resource toolkit.” The initial 29-page document that I wrote about purported to be a compilation of “best practices that schools can use” to address gender identity and focused on a contentious Title IX transgender policy imposed by the Obama administration that is no longer in effect. The second version of “A Toolkit for Ensuring Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” — now 10 pages in length — still informs schools they “need to ensure”...

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Transgender Toolkit for MN Schools Based on Controversial Obama Rule

A controversial transgender and gender nonconforming “resource toolkit” drafted by the Minnesota Department of Education’s (MDE) School Safety Technical Assistance Council recently caught the attention of 67 Minnesota legislators. The 29 page document — “Toolkit to Ensure Safe and Supportive Schools for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students” — purports to be a compilation of “best practices that schools can use" to address gender identity. The toolkit is based on a controversial Title IX transgender policy imposed by the Obama administration that is no longer in effect. ...

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Controversial Diversity Signs in Delano Schools Raise Concern

Controversial "diversity" signs posted in Delano Public Schools faced community push back last week. The signs read: "Diverse, Inclusive, Accepting, Welcoming, Safe Space For Everyone." But the concern wasn't over the choice of words. The signs were decorated with a rainbow color scheme commonly linked to the LGBT movement. Some parents feared the rainbow symbology didn't represent or include the viewpoints of all students and risked defeating the original intent of the messaging....

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Unacceptable Racism and Sexism From House Minority Leader

This is simply unacceptable: House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman engaged in blatant racism and sexism on the floor of the Minnesota House last night: “I hate to break up the 100 percent white male card game in the retiring room, but I think this is an important debate,” House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman, of Brooklyn Park, said during a House session on Monday evening. If Ms. Hortman wanted to complain that a bipartisan group of legislators was taking a break from the House debate in the retiring room--which I take it is what the retiring room is for--fine. But irrelevantly dragging race...

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A Day Without a Woman?

Did you know it is International Women’s Day? I confess, I did not get the memo. I apologize to women everywhere. I should have worn RED and taken the day off to wallow in my oppression and complain about my First World Problems to make sure that my value at work and home are appreciated but honestly, it was a packed day. After shaking off overwhelming and daily feelings of gender-oppression, I kicked myself into high gear. ...

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Dayton Outraged Because Federal Government No Longer Regulates Bathrooms

President Trump has revoked the Obama administration's bizarre "guidance" asserting that federal law required every public school in America to sponsor co-ed bathrooms and showers on behalf of those who "identify" with the opposite sex. How the federal government has to constitutional authority to regulate the gender composition of bathrooms was never explained. You might think that governors would appreciate the fact that an absurd Washington overreach has been withdrawn, leaving states, towns and schools to pursue the policies they think best. But, as to Governor Dayton, you would be wrong. Dayton attacked the administration's action yesterday: “I strongly disagree with the...

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The Transgender Tragedy

Our American Experiment colleague Kathy Kersten has an article in this month's First Things that I will try to summarize, but that you simply need to read. The subject is the transgender "movement" that seems to have taken America by storm. Kathy begins with the story of Nova Academy, a top-notch charter school in Minnesota that was blown apart when a couple enrolled their five-year-old son--if I can still describe him (?) as such--who, they said, was "gender non-conforming" and "a boy who likes girl things." No one really expects five-year-old boys to be macho men in the first place, but...

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