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St. Olaf College states student teachers “must” join union’s pre-professional organization

Students at St. Olaf College are being told they “MUST join EMAE” [Education Minnesota Aspiring Educators] if they are licensure candidates completing field experiences or student teaching with the Education Department. This appears to be in violation of student teachers' First Amendment rights upheld in the Janus decision....

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47,000 Duplicate Accounts at State DHS Cost Taxpayers a Bundle

We've all heard about organizations "too big to fail." But what about government agencies "too big to function?" That pretty well sums up the situation at the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the biggest state agency by far with 7,300 employees and an $18 billion budget. The latest fiasco involves another episode of callous disregard for up to nearly $30 million of taxpayer funds paid out because of some 47,000 duplicate accounts, according to the Star Tribune. The state agency that oversees Minnesota's Medicaid program disclosed that it incorrectly paid up to $28.9 million over three years to managed care organizations and...

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Mayor Exposes Radical “Equity” Training in Government and Schools

The mayor of the western Twin Cities suburb of Victoria has pulled back the curtain on the radical agenda being promoted under the guise of equity in local government and schools. In a letter to the Chanhassen Villager, Mayor Tom Funk said he was shocked by a supposed training program staged for local and county government staff that functioned as more of an indoctrination than education. As mayor of Victoria, I question the meaning of the word "equity" we see permeating government after attending GARE (Government Alliance on Race and Equity) training put on by the League of Minnesota Cities (summer...

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Local and State Government Under Fire for Lack of Transparency

There's been a slew of examples in recent months of local and state government bodies going to extremes to avoid public scrutiny and accountability. The more notorious incidents include a Minneapolis planning committee currently seeking $20 million in state bonding that bars reporters and cameras from meetings, destroyed records at the Minnesota Department of Corrections, a gag rule on city councilors in St. Cloud and the deletion by TPT of a videotaped panel discussion with  First Lady Gwen Walz under pressure from a top aide to Gov. Walz. Did St. Cloud City Council Violate State Law? There's also an issue for reporters...

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Rent-a-Scooters More Popular Than Free Bikes in Rochester Trial Run

Somewhere along the line providing bicycles to the public evidently became an essential city service. What better vehicle for politicians to display their allegiance to carbon neutrality and  healthy urban lifestyles. Rochester made nearly 50 bikes and helmets available to the riding public, free at least to the users, in 2019. The city website highlights the Bike Share Program program as part of the "micro-mobility initiative" associated with the $5.6 billion Destination Medical Center project's transit plan. The city even furnishes free use of electric bikes for checkout at the library to "ideally replace a few car trips around town." The program...

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Ball of Collusion

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2020 Issue of Thinking Minnesota, now the second largest magazine in Minnesota. To receive a free trial issue send your name and address to info@americanexperiment.org. You have been writing for several years about the Russian collusion story and related matters. Your new book, Ball of Collusion, brings it all together. Tell us how that book came to be and its key messages.  While I have concluded that there really was collusion in connection with the election, it did not involve Trump being in cahoots with Kremlin to undermine the election. The most sinister collusion came from the incumbent administration...

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