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National Apprenticeship Week: More Important than Most Other Weeks (Not to Mention Days)

National Apprenticeship Week is the real deal, particularly as marked this year by the Washington-based Urban Institute, which under the leadership of economist Robert Lerman, has been an essential voice for a long time conducting scholarly research about apprenticeships and advocating their much larger adoption in the United States....

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What Percentage of Students in Anoka County are Suited for Careers in the Trades?

Pipeline—which stands for “Industry-Based, Employer-Driven Dual-Training Experience”—is a still relatively new program that awards companies up to $150,000 a year to cover expenses “related to an employee’s instruction toward attaining an industry recognized degree, certificate or credential.”  According to the Labor and Industry, 75 employers and nearly 1,000 trainees have recently participated, covering 36 occupations....

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Big Lake High School students learn there is no one path to success

Big Lake Schools 3rd Annual Youth Apprenticeship and Career Fair exposed over 1,400 students in grades 5, 8 and 9-12 to career possibilities that do not require the traditional four-year degree. Held on September 20, the event hosted 38 partners ranging from local manufacturing businesses to health care companies to branches of the U.S. Military....

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Which training programs for skilled workers perform best?

Minnesota employers in manufacturing and the trades continue to grapple with daunting workforce challenges. For example, while the construction industry in our state grew 20 percent from 2014 to 2018, the labor force grew only 2.8 percent from 2013 to 2017, according to Sean O’Neil of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. A recent Star Tribune article assessed the kinds of training programs that are most effectively preparing new workers to replace retiring, highly skilled Baby-boomers....

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