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Czary Knights for American Manufacturing?

The Washington Post reported on Monday (June 17) that Michigan Sen. Gary Peters was gearing up to propose (in the newspaper’s words) “the creation of a new federal agency to chart a national industrial policy.  His inspiration for what he wants to call the National Institute of Manufacturing comes from the National Institutes of Health.”...

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Postsecondary education: And who — who — will take the road less traveled by?

Four years prostrate to the higher mind isn't right for everyone. Nod if you can hear me. Vigorously if you truly agree. This Sunday Cover op-ed originally ran in the Star Tribune on June 2, 2019. I have spent most of my professional life expressing ideas that cause people to shake their heads horizontally in disagreement rather than nodding vertically in approval. But I’ve seen abundant nodding in the last few years when talking about how large numbers of young Americans who are not terribly interested in attending a four-year college enroll in one anyway — pressured by parents, peers, teachers, school...

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Big Lake High School leads the way in work-based learning

As Minnesota maneuvers through very real workforce challenges, Big Lake High School is stepping in to help close the skills gap through its work-based learning program. The program called REAL (Relevant Experience Apprenticeship Learning) connects students with early career exploration through registered apprenticeships. Students learn practical and theoretical aspects of highly-skilled occupations and are exposed to new ideas, career paths, and experiences....

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Summit Academy provides tuition-free training that gives Minnesotans new opportunities

Minnesota’s Information Technology (IT) industry sector is struggling, like so many others, to find skilled workers. An innovative new joint venture between Summit Academy OIC and Atomic Data Company is working to change that. The partnership focuses on preparing low-income people and those from historically disadvantaged groups to fill the IT jobs currently going begging in the Twin Cities region....

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“Opportunity Connect”: Bridging Education and Employment Through A Unique Pilot Initiative

Over the past number of years, we have seen increased interest in forward-thinking businesses working with innovative schools to expand students’ horizons. Both schools and businesses share a common goal: maximizing achievement and growth, educationally and occupationally. Due to forecasted labor shortages, the need for connections between classrooms and businesses is heightened....

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