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Disruptions in the health care system have caused a spike in deaths caused by heart conditions and other medical issues

Before lockdowns were instated and hospitals repositioned to focus on COVID-19, warnings were issued on the potential economic, mental, social, and health consequences of instating lockdowns. These predictions have become true. According to Federal data, there has been an increase in the number of deaths attributed to other illnesses like diabetes and Alzheimer's. The number of deaths for these illnesses has been higher than normal. This is a combination of a couple of factors. Among other things, people were scared to seek medical help and hospitals had shut down other services and were prioritizing Covid-19 treatment. But the biggest spike has been...

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What is Gov. Walz doing with his emergency powers?

The numbers show that the pandemic just isn't 'exploding' here in the way the models driving Gov. Walz' decisions forecast. And where he actually could do some good, in our state's long term care facilities, he is failing miserably. Unless the situation deteriorates rapidly between now and mid-July, there can be no justification for a further extension of Gov. Walz' rule by decree. ...

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