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What science is telling Gov. Walz that bars on reservations are safe but bars off them are not?

We at the Center certainly do not think that bars and restaurants on reservations should close. But it is hard to understand why a state government that can stamp on small businesses with such barely concealed glee cannot bring itself to even request that tribal governments join in the battle against Covid-19. Aren't we all in this together? Or are some in it more than others? ‘One Minnesota’ is a smart slogan. That is all it is....

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If credibility is currency, Tim Walz is going bankrupt over COVID

Credibility comes from…being credible. Gov. Walz spends a lot of time during his many press conferences trying to convince Minnesotans to take the COVID-19 virus serious and change their behavior. Last week he hosted another made-for-tv event featuring a number of healthcare professionals, each telling us how serious the pandemic is and each repeating the mantra of “wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, stay home if you’re sick.” Gov. Walz often comes across as defensive and frustrated, upset that all Minnesotans are not embracing his directives. These moments expose Walz as more political animal than natural leader, when he takes...

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