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Let’s return common sense to our COVID policies – action alert

When Gov. Walz originally asked Minnesotans to sacrifice and protect each other from COVID, it may have made sense. But after nine months of lockdowns and mandates, it’s time to rethink our COVID policies. Shutting down youth sports, health clubs and all restaurants and bars does not make sense with 70% of COVID fatalities still occurring among our elderly in congregate care. We therefore call on state leaders to re-focus on protecting the elderly and building capacity in our hospitals. Even Gov. Walz admitted that preventing the spread of the virus in our communities was impossible. The current order lasts until...

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Drug Overdose Deaths Spike Statewide Since COVID Restrictions

Concerns have been raised over the cure potentially being worse than the disease since the first restrictions were imposed on Minnesotans to slow the spread of COVID-19. Among the key groups considered most at risk were those struggling with addiction, as underscored on the website of this counseling center. The idea of social distancing, in general, is the absolute opposite of when needs to be done to remain sober during hard times. Due to the many restrictions in place right now, attending 12 step groups and traditional counseling is not an option now. When these people do not have access to...

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