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Data shows signs of COVID-19 plateauing in Minnesota

According to Covid-19 data for Minnesota, the numbers seem to be plateauing. This is especially good news since the state is reopening. According to NPR State health officials say 13 more Minnesotans have died from COVID-19, putting the total to 1,249 since the pandemic began. However, the daily counts of people hospitalized or needing intensive care continues to show a recent trend of plateauing. The Health Department on Thursday reported 411 people were currently hospitalized, down 16 from Wednesday and at their lowest level since early May. There were 196 people in intensive care, roughly the same as in the past week and...

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A month on from its reopening, the dire predictions for Wisconsin are looking very wrong indeed

Gov. Walz tells us that he needs to keep his emergency powers to protect us from Covid-19. How, then, is he managing to produce outcomes so much worse than in Wisconsin, where Gov. Evers' “Safer at Home” order was junked a month ago? We are incurring all the costs of Gov. Walz' aimless knob twiddling without any positive results to show for it....

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As Minnesota expands re-opening, should people worry?

A lot of states have opened and they have not made it worse for themselves. Even some of the surge that was seen two weeks after reopening in some states has been temporary. So Minnesotans should be more hopeful about the next weeks as things at least go back to normal. Especially considering the fact that the health sector has built up enough capacity to handle an expected surge in positive cases....

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Extended unemployment benefits found to significantly affect workers’ physical and mental health

With the extension of the lockdown, there has been a general worry that persisting unemployment could lead to a surge in deaths of despair. This would largely be due to unemployment and loss of income contributing to alcohol and substance abuse as well as deteriorating mental health, which may lead to increased rates of suicide. Health providers across the country have indeed seen a surge in calls for suicide attempts as well as mental health patients. This is all highly expected in terms of financial turmoil. There are of course programs set up in place to cushion financial loss from loss of...

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Anti-body testing shows Covid-19 is less deadly than previously thought

Understandably, infection fatality rates are different depending on demographics. Persons with underlying health conditions and the elderly are still at a huge risk compared to some others. But antibody testing should give a more clear understanding of the risks the majority of the population faces and therefore guide reopening decisions....

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