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Ban on “elective” procedures caused delays for cancer screenings which could increase mortality among cancer patients

Due to the ban that was placed on "elective" and "non-emergency" medical procedures screening as well as treatment services were delayed for a lot of patients. This, added to the fact that patients are still delaying care could have harmful consequences for patients. ...

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Sick Seniors: Minnesota’s Failure to Protect the Elderly from COVID-19

In this recording of a live webinar, John Hinderaker talks with Senator Karin Housley and Avik Roy about COVID-19 policies that are putting the elderly in danger. What has Minnesota learned and who is responsible for our failure to protect those in long-term care facilities? They also discuss schools reopening, vaccines, PPE, and much more.

Disruptions in the health care system have caused a spike in deaths caused by heart conditions and other medical issues

Before lockdowns were instated and hospitals repositioned to focus on COVID-19, warnings were issued on the potential economic, mental, social, and health consequences of instating lockdowns. These predictions have become true. According to Federal data, there has been an increase in the number of deaths attributed to other illnesses like diabetes and Alzheimer's. The number of deaths for these illnesses has been higher than normal. This is a combination of a couple of factors. Among other things, people were scared to seek medical help and hospitals had shut down other services and were prioritizing Covid-19 treatment. But the biggest spike has been...

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Research shows children are only half as likely as adults to be infected by the coronavirus

Since children are less likely to contract the coronavirus, holding everything else equal, they are also less likely to be big transmitters of the virus. This is evidenced by the finding that reopening schools in some countries did not worsen Covid-19 spread. So, added to already existing evidence, opening schools should not pose big harm to either kids or their families....

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