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Celebrating Women’s History Month

I wanted to offer a quick break from coronavirus updates and highlight something I completely forgot about given the unique times we find ourselves in: Women’s History Month. Today, March 31, marks the last day of this annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and reflects on the problems women have faced and overcome to strengthen the role women play in society today....

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1776 Initiative Counters New York Times’ 1619 Project

The New York Times' reframing of American history through its 1619 Project has been criticized for its inaccuracies by many leading scholars and historians. But the most significant challenge yet to the controversial project, called the 1776 initiative, has recently been launched by a group of predominantly African-American academics, journalists, entrepreneurs, and community activists....

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The Truth Exactly Backward

This article originally appeared in the Winter 2020 Issue of Thinking Minnesota, now the second largest magazine in Minnesota. To receive a free trial issue send your name and address to info@americanexperiment.org. In August, The New York Times launched the “1619 Project” with great fanfare. The self-proclaimed goal of the project—a series of more than 30 essays and artistic productions— is to “reframe” history, convincing Americans that our nation’s “true founding” occurred not in 1776, but 400 years ago, in 1619, when 20 or so slaves came ashore in the Jamestown colony. The Times maintains that America’s “founding ideals were false when they were written” and...

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When a liberal got a tax demand

Carl Solberg's excellent biography of Hubert Humphrey - the liberal Mayor of Minneapolis, Senator for Minnesota, and vice president to Lyndon Johnson - contains the following story. Until he became vice president in 1964, Humphrey was perennially short of cash. When the candidates released statements of their wealth in 1964, Humphrey was the only one to have to pad his to make him look richer than he was. He topped up his salary with speaking fees, but these dried up during his unsuccessful run for the presidency in 1960. Then, as Solberg tells it, he was hit with an "unbelievable" $225 [$1,950 in...

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