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Alexis de Tocqueville on Sanders and Socialism

Alexis de Tocqueville is properly credited for getting America insightfully right in his legendary Democracy in America in the 1830s.  My goodness, the young Frenchman was brilliantly prescient, but who possibly could have known he also would anticipate, nearing two centuries later, the economic and social aspirations of Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar? “Democracy,” Tocqueville wrote, “extends the sphere of individual freedom, socialism restricts it.  Democracy attaches all possible value to each man; socialism makes each man a mere agent, a mere number.  Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality.  But notice the difference: while...

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The “Great” and “Entrusted” American Experiment (No, Not the Think Tank)

As you might expect, I’m quick to note when someone uses the term “American Experiment” in referring to the Center.  But I’m equally alert when the term has nothing to do with where I work, as when a newspaper used it, as I just discovered, in a remarkable editorial in 1860.  Or when the locution was used a week ago in a nationally broadcast speech.  It’s fair to say I’ve resonated to the term “American Experiment,” and variations on the theme, for a long time. So, I was pleased a week ago Tuesday when Stacy Abrams, who lost her race for...

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Greedy Innkeeper or Generous Capitalist? by Brian Wesbury & Robert Stein

Brian Wesbury and Robert Stein of First Trust Advisors have published a version of this interesting piece every year since 2009.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas! The Bible story of the virgin birth is at the center of much of the holiday cheer this time of year. The book of Luke tells us that Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem because Caesar Augustus decreed a census should be taken. Mary gave birth after arriving in Bethlehem and placed baby Jesus in a manger because there was "no room for them in the inn." Some people think Mary and Joseph were mistreated by a greedy...

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American Experiment event celebrating free speech protected by police while police union protested outside

The Teamsters are certified under the law to represent police officers all over the state. The Center had to hire police to protect us while the Center and our guests exercised our right to gather and speak. We had to hire police to protect us from possible interruptions, or worse, from the police union and other public-sector unions and protesters. ...

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“Happy Constitution Day, if You Can Keep It: The long-term survival of the Founders’ design depends on people, not parchment.”

The Center is celebrating the Constitution today by hosting Mark and Rebecca and their legal victory in June (Janus v. Afscme) at a luncheon in Minneapolis; they fought for and won the right of public employees to choose for themselves whether to pay dues to a union.We have been told that Teamsters are going to show up to protest this First Amendment victory. While I have some thoughts about a union that represents our women and men in blue using union dues to protest the Janus case, I note today that our great country honors and defends our right to...

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