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Wisconsin teachers earn more than Minnesota teachers

Since the passage of Act 10 in Wisconsin, teachers' unions such as Education Minnesota have "warned" educators of becoming like Wisconsin if similar union reform is passed. But Act 10 did not bring about the dramatic negative outcomes its critics forecasted. In fact, data from Education Minnesota's national affiliate, the National Education Association, show that the average public school teacher salary in Wisconsin is higher than in Minnesota. ...

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Gen Zers not as concerned with PTO as employers think

As Baby Boomers continue to retire and a labor shortage continues to impact industries such as trades and manufacturing, employers are in need of new, young recruits (Gen Zers) to fill these positions. But despite the growing job openings in construction, manufacturing, and related fields, employers continue to face recruiting challenges. Where is the disconnect? ...

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More employers looking less at credentials, more at skills

Pre-COVID, the supply of and demand for middle-skill workers created a mismatch in our labor market. The "skills gap" pushed employers to come up with solutions that would combat the talent shortage, focusing less on the piece of paper a candidate had and more on the skills the interested applicant had or could learn. Now, given the pandemic and changing economy, this prioritization of skills over a certain type of degree is getting a new push, according to The Hechinger Report, through a trend that was already under way before the health care crisis: "pre-hiring assessments." Skeptical that university degrees are the...

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New TV series celebrates everyday Americans who “get their hands dirty”

CBS has launched a new TV show called Tough As Nails. The reality competition series celebrates "everyday Americans who get their hands dirty while working long, hard hours to keep the country running." The 12 contestants have backgrounds in construction, welding, agriculture, and other labor-intensive industries. The series highlights several themes of the Center's Great Jobs project....

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MN teachers’ union announces endorsements of only DFL candidates

Keeping to Education Minnesota’s political history of almost exclusively, with rare exceptions, supporting one political party and its affiliates, the teachers' union recently announced its endorsements of 81 candidates for election—all running under the DFL party. But even if teachers' political views do lean left, there are several races where multiple DFL candidates are running against each other in the upcoming primary. Which means teachers are forced to support the candidate the union favors, undermining their own political preferences. And why is the union involved in partisan politics to begin with? ...

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Supreme Court’s Janus ruling should apply to union members, too

After the Janus decision at the U.S. Supreme Court, the state of Minnesota ordered all public employers to stop deducting “fair-share” fees from nonmember paychecks. But the state was silent about union members who had previously signed a union membership card authorizing the deduction of dues. Did Janus affect union members, too? Although Janus dealt directly with nonmembers who paid a “fair-share” fee, the court’s reasoning applies to union members, as well. ...

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Litigation Continues Following the Janus Employee Freedom Victory: Could You be a Plaintiff?

Janus v Afscme was not just about ending “fair share” fees. The Supreme Court ruled that public-sector unions must get "clear and affirmative consent" from union members before taking money from an employee's paycheck for union dues. But employers and government unions are ignoring that directive. The Center is looking for public employees who want to exercise their constitutional right to resign union membership but cannot do so because of restrictive union terms. Could that plaintiff be you? ...

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Center of the American Experiment Calls on U.S. Supreme Court to Protect First Amendment Rights of Personal Care Attendants (PCAs)

After filing an amicus brief at the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of a St. Cloud University faculty member, Kathy Uradnik, the Center filed an amicus brief in support of a related challenge, Bierman v. Dayton. The Center’s brief calls on the court to recognize that state laws forcing recipients of government welfare benefits to speak through unions is unconstitutional. It agrees with Petitioners in Bierman v. Dayton that the lower courts have improperly exempted such "exclusive representation" schemes from scrutiny under the First Amendment. PCAs in about a dozen states have been unionized by government unions such as AFSCME and the...

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