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Minneapolis on the Brink From Leftward Lurch

Minneapolis faces a crisis that's only going to get worse under current leadership.  That meme comes up a lot lately in regards to the city's police. Yet a key civic leader sees the biggest threat to city residents coming not from the officers on the street but from the increasingly left wing loonies in and running for city council and mayor in "the most consequential municipal election in many years." Steve Cramer, a former Minneapolis City Councilor and CEO of the Minneapolis Downtown Council, warns in the Star Tribune that the city faces potentially dire consequences from the onslaught of liberal...

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The Rebellion Against Left-Wing Politics in the Schools Continues, and It Isn’t Only Edina [Updated]

We wrote here and here about left-wing indoctrination replacing education in the Edina public schools. The stories that were told by Edina students and parents were shocking. In response to those posts, parents and students have continued to blow the whistle on propaganda masquerading as instruction. An Edina High School student writes about the hysteria that gripped the school during the 2016 presidential election campaign: I felt like the school was descending into mass hysteria during the election. Some of the teachers I respected most thought it was their moral duty to come out in favor of Hillary Clinton, which absolutely disgusted...

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Edina Parents and Students Rebel Against Politics in Classroom

American Experiment's recent post on left-wing politics permeating the halls and classrooms of Edina High School following the 2016 election has gotten a strong reaction. In it, John Hinderaker revealed that 80 Edina High School teachers crossed the line, signing what amounted to a left-wing political manifesto following the election of Donald Trump as president. Since then, parents and students at Edina High School have stepped forward to provide more evidence of the extent to which leftist ideology has invaded the Edina school system, even down to the kindergarten level. Dozens of parents, students and residents have responded via email and Facebook with instances...

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Edina Teachers Take Sides In Partisan Politics

Zephyrus is "the official news site of Edina High School." Students supply most of the content, but on November 22, 2016, 80 teachers--a remarkable number--signed an editorial addressed to the student body. The context for the editorial was the presidential election that had concluded two weeks earlier. Over the last week, in the wake of a disturbing example of racial hate speech at our school and a historically divisive election, you've heard and read a lot of calls for unity for the school and the nation. This letter is not one of them. The editorial's theme is that "[u]nity is not a...

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I’d be dancing, too (if I lived in a luxury loft subsidized by taxpayers).

Star Tribune photo by Jeff Wheeler

The A-Mill Artists Lofts, located along the Mississippi River, are a special “affordable housing” project of the Metropolitan Council, City of Minneapolis, Hennepin County, et. al. The project is subsidized with taxes and grants, the below-market rate rents are tied to a certain income and reserved for people who are “committed” to being an artist. Anyone who voted to spend tax dollars on this project ought to be banned from public life. ...

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Minnesota’s “Antifascists” Are Fascists

I totally missed the rise of the "alt-right." Despite being personally acquainted with hundreds if not thousands of conservative activists, I had never heard of the "alt-right" until Democrats started talking about it during the last election season. Similarly, the "antifa" movement--antifa being short for antifascist--sprang up from nowhere. The difference being, I think, that the antifa movement actually exists. I know it exists because antifas keep starting fights. Yesterday there were anti-Sharia law marches and demonstrations in cities across the country. They were met by counter-demonstrations by people who are pro-Sharia, or something. Frankly, I am confused on that point....

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Senator Franken Cancels Appearance with Second Liberal Comedian

Senator Al Franken is having a hard time finding a fellow liberal comedian to appear in public with. The Minnesota senator canceled a guest appearance on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” after Mr. Maher uttered a racial slur on air, "jokingly" referring to himself as a “house n—r.” This is the second comedian friend the self-proclaimed “giant of the senate” has had to distance himself from. Time for some new friends?...

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MN Senator Franken Stands By Kathy Griffin Despite Gory Photo of Beheaded Trump

We all know it to be true: Actions speak louder than words. And Minnesota Senator Al Franken’s decision to stand by Kathy Griffin amid uproar over her controversial actions speaks volumes. Franken condemned Griffin’s photo shoot with a bloodied and decapitated replica of Trump's head — calling it “inappropriate”— but recently told CNN he will still appear with Griffin in July to promote his new book, Al Franken: Giant of the Senate because she apologized and “begged for forgiveness.”...

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