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Fake News Hits Fergus Falls: CNN Award-Winning Journalist Fired for Fabricating His Story

The small town of Fergus Falls, Minnesota is in the news because Class Relotius, the recently-fired journalist for the German publication Der Spiegel, completely lied when writing portions of his story about the Minnesota town, and many other stories he has written over the last several years. In a hilarious twist of irony, Relotius won CNN's "Journalist of the Year, 2014. Talk about some serious schadenfreude. The Washington Post (yes, that Washington Post) reports: "Relotius wrote that city administrator Andrew Bremseth had never been with a woman and had never been to the ocean, claims that were easily debunked by a photo on Bremseth’s Facebook...

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Guthrie Theater Declares “Happening” and “Amber Sanctuary”

Previous Happenings include An Immigrants’ Cabaret, an evening of music, movement and poetry; Enacting the Dream, an opportunity to reflect on the lived realities of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients living in the United States; Aftermath: A Newtown Screening and Community Conversation about the impact of gun violence on public health; Water Is Sacred, a performance combining ceremony, music, text, dance and discussion to honor and celebrate water and recognize the ways it has been threatened on Indigenous lands; The Trump Card, acclaimed monologist Mike Daisey’s exploration of Donald J. Trump and how he rose to his standing...

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Crackpot California Cage-Free Ballot Measure Threatens MN Farmers

You may not have heard about Prop 12, the latest crackpot measure approved by voters in California, given the wild fires and mass shooting dominating the news from the Golden State. But you will before long. Check out the rapid response to the latest ballot measure backed by California's cage-free caucus on the Farm Journal website. California consumers will likely experience an unnecessary increase in food prices and a decrease in consumer options now that Proposition 12, a ballot measure that requires more housing space for certain hens, breeding pigs and calves raised for veal, has passed in their state, says Jim...

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Embarrassed Duluth City Council Considers Crack Down

There may be hope for the Duluth City Council after all. Days after council members impotently stood by while a mob of masked and screaming protesters shut down a meeting over protective riot gear for cops, the city's leaders appear to have come to the realization it's their duty to take charge of public meetings and to maintain order. But first city leaders want to dust off the rules book on how to conduct oneself in public places, according to the Duluth News Tribune. Council President Noah Hobbs said he is working with the city attorney's office to propose some changes to the...

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Unruly Mob Takes Over Duluth City Council Meeting

Anyone who doubts mob rule increasingly defines many leftists' politics needs to see the video of last night's Duluth City Council meeting. The News Tribune's written account does not do justice to the video the paper posted online of the chaos that ensues as city council members allow the crowd to take over and shut down their meeting. Protesters temporarily shut down the Duluth City Council Monday night, shouting: “No Line 3. No riot gear for the DPD.”  About 10 minutes into their meeting, councilors recessed and waited to see if the meeting could more peacefully resume. The protest actions resulted merely...

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Out of Control Minneapolis City Council Meetings Raise Concerns

Conservatives have long considered the Minneapolis City Council to be out of control. But now, even some liberal city council members find themselves in agreement, according to the Star Tribune. At a Minneapolis City Council public hearing on Aug. 1, [Rowena] Holmes offered condolences to the family of Thurman Blevins, a black man fatally shot by police. But she wanted to remind the chambers that a scared North Sider had called 911 that day after seeing a man firing off a gun. At this, the crowd began jeering at Holmes, who’s worked nearly three decades as a liaison between north Minneapolis and...

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Will Citizens’ Last-Minute Opposition Trash St. Paul City Garbage Grab?

Who collects your garbage may not be the most compelling issue of the day--until it comes to your city and street. Just ask the thousands of residents of St. Paul who are pulling out all the stops to prevent the city from implementing "organized garbage collection" next Monday. But it's not over until it's over, according to the Pioneer Press. The city of St. Paul has almost finished rolling out 73,000 new trash carts, but organized residential trash collection — which is scheduled to begin Monday — may be facing its greatest challenge yet. After more than 14 months of contract negotiations...

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Subsidized Film about Ilhan Omar: Liberals are good at capturing tax dollars to advance their agenda.

The film, "Time for Ilhan"  has been playing at festivals in Minneapolis and is playing at the Walker (the 5th district). The filmmaker has contributed cash to Omar's campaign but denies she is advancing Omar's political career. And now taxpayers, too, have contributed about $11,852 to Omar, as well....

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