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Will NFL Ban on Kneeling Matter in MN Congressional Race?

The NFL's self-defeating experiment with enabling players to kneel during the national anthem ended just in time for  Memorial Day. Ultimately the league's open-minded tolerance of players' patriotic petulance came at too high of a cost in ratings, ticket sales and fan loyalty. Tin-eared  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell rediscovered his patriot zeal, seizing the opportunity to repair and rebrand the league's tattered image as America's game.  Could the timing of the announcement that players on the field will be required to do what everyone else does during the national anthem or remain in the locker room be more obvious? So where does...

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Bad behavior all around: 2015 Teacher of the Year using profanity, Fox News Commentator assaulted at restaurant

What do these incidents have in common? Trump Derangement Syndrome, or people on the left who feel entitled to act in an uncivilized, unhinged manner because they hate Donald Trump. It feels like it is going to be a long, hot summer in the Twin Cities. Just wait until the National Education Association (NEA) holds it convention in Minneapolis June 30-July 5....

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Change of Guard? Peter McLaughlin does not get endorsed for Hennepin County

The article, written with no sense of apology for its blunt focus on race, age and sexual preference, with little reference to policy positions, went on the describe other changes or potential changes in the guard in Minneapolis city and county positions. Nothing on addressing street crime, congestion or fixing pot holes, for example. Let’s just say it helps to get elected in Minneapolis if you are not an old, white, straight male. Sorry, Peter. ...

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Protesters Shut Down Blue Line After Dayton Veto of Tougher Law

That didn't take long. Governor Dayton's weekend veto of legislation to put more teeth into the law to punish protesters who shut down highways and transit lines already appears to have emboldened left-wing activists. Protesters have reportedly blocked the Blue Line light rail line this morning, prompting Metro Transit to close off service. KARE-11 issued this update. Light rail riders had a wrench thrown in their morning commute Tuesday as protesters shut down a busy line in southeast Minneapolis. Metro Transit confirmed that Blue Line Service was stopped between 46th Street and the Terminal 2 Station shortly before 9 a.m. after demonstrators sat...

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Candace Owens’ American Experiment Speech Continues to Create Buzz

Candace Owens visited Minnesota for only a day, but the ripple effect of her dynamic speech at American Experiment's May 8 forum continues to reverberate over a week later. Minnesota Public Radio broadcast Owens' talk twice across the statewide network this week under the headline of "Candace Owens' Journey to Conservatism." (Audio here) Candace Owens, 28 years old, believes culture and politics mix in interesting ways, and the left has had a "stranglehold on culture." She added, "whoever controls culture controls politics." Once considering herself a Democrat, she "had the feeling something had gone amiss in the black community. We've been voting for...

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Young Communists of Minnetonka

There is a large rock outside Minnetonka High School, where painting the rock apparently is a tradition. Last week, some students painted an American flag on the rock. They also added patriotic messages on the sidewalk, like a "Don't Tread On Me" flag. That brought a response from the Minnetonka Leftist Union, a high school group. The Minnetonka Leftists proudly display the hammer and sickle of Communism as well as the fascist "A" symbol on their Twitter feed: This is the Minnetonka Leftists' tweet about the American flag: Fascists covered the rock and sprayed the sidewalk with militaristic and nationalistic symbols. A...

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Minneapolis Kicks Out Disabled Parking for Bike Lanes

If you harbor any doubts about how far urban elites will go to force their environmental agenda on everyone else, check out the latest from Minneapolis. Bike obsessed city planners are kicking citizens with disabilities out of their designated parking spots on the street in order to create more bike lanes in North Minneapolis, the Star Tribune reports. Since 2015, Patricia Fox has had a reserved parking space in front of her home in Minneapolis because of her multiple sclerosis. But this year, her parking space will be moved to make way for a bike lane. “[This] is the ultimate insult of someone who...

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City Official Rips New Minneapolis Transportation Plan

It's already tough enough going for drivers attempting to navigate city streets in Minneapolis. But it's only going to get bumpier, according to a resident who vented in the Star Tribune about the implications of the city's proposed new transportation road map for those who depend on a car for work and family. The proposed comprehensive plan in Minneapolis does not support a balanced transportation system in which the needs of all travelers are considered. It doesn’t talk about the need to help people move quickly and easily around the city. It doesn’t talk about helping people get to jobs or parents...

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Violence at Edina High School

When a high school slides downhill from pre-eminence to mediocrity, one symptom is violence. A school that no longer stands for high standards has a harder time maintaining control over its more unruly students. Such violence may be racial in nature, but that shouldn't be a surprise in a school where students have been taught from kindergarten that the most important thing about them is the color of their skin, and that members of some races are relentlessly oppressed in 21st century America--even the ones privileged enough to attend, for example, Edina High School. A school whose highest purpose is...

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