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Betty McCollum Embarrasses Herself

Congresswoman Betty McCollum has come out in favor of impeaching President Trump. For what, you may wonder? The Constitution specifies that a president can be impeached for "high crimes and misdemeanors." Until now, such matters have been considered deadly serious. But it is obvious that McCollum isn't serious at all. Here are her stated reasons for impeaching the president: “He is the one undermining justice by trying to obstruct it. How? She doesn't say. Certainly not by firing FBI Director James Comey. If Comey was doing a poor job--and he was; many Democrats had called for him to be fired--President Trump had...

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SKOL: Snow Days are Fun, Living in “The North”

Snappy ad campaigns like “the North,” designed to get Minnesotans to embrace our inner Nordic and attract people from other states, no matter how successful, are no match for the bad policies that have contributed to the state’s loss of population and wealth. The competition for talent and wealth is fierce. Maybe Eric Dayton, who seems like a great business guy, can talk to his parents. SKOL! ...

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SPLC’s Bogus Hate List Cited to Slur Muslim Reformer Meeting MN Legislators

There they go again. Another media outlet--the Star Tribune--perpetuating what Reason magazine recently labeled "the Southern Poverty Law Center scam. A hate group list loved by the media is bogus." The SPLC's annual list of supposed hate groups includes umpteen respectable organizations who simply hold conservative views hated by leftists. The latest incident involves Raheel Raza, a Pakistani-born Canadian author and Muslim reformer who's best known for her book Their Jihad, Not My Jihad: A Muslim Canadian Woman Speaks Out. A courageous proponent of gender equality and human rights for Muslims, Raza was invited to speak to state legislators today in St. Paul. But...

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Minnesota DFL Donor Uses His ‘Republican’ Group to Post Anti-Trump Billboards

A billboard criticizing President Donald Trump located on Highway 52 near Hampton, Minnesota has received a fair amount of attention lately. The sign shows a photograph of Trump accompanied by the words “Big Mistake.” and the name of the group responsible for sponsoring the billboard: Republicans for Honesty in Government. After several inquiries regarding the billboard and organization’s legitimacy were submitted to Snopes—an online fact-checking website—it was confirmed the billboard is real “but the so-called Republican group has an interesting donor behind it.”...

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St. Paul’s Mayor Gets Off to a Bad Start

This is shocking: Melvin Carter, at his inauguration as St. Paul's mayor, went on an ill-informed rant against the National Anthem: During his inaugural speech Tuesday, St. Paul mayor Melvin Carter III said he was honored to have a locally-born musician present at his own Central High School to sing the national anthem — with a big caveat. “We cannot ignore the painful reminder, written into our anthem’s third verse, of just how deeply injustice is rooted in the American tradition … Our national freedom song is an ode to slavery,” Carter said. “This is the American paradox, passed from generation to generation,...

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U of MN Refutes Memo that Calls Santa Claus & Christmas Trees “Not Appropriate”

In the name of “diversity,” a memo distributed by a U of MN employee at a lunch meeting told attendees Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and bows and wrapped gifts were “not appropriate for gatherings and displays at this time of year.” The backlash on social media caused the U of MN to distance itself from the document and label it as an "ill-advised attempt to spark a dialogue" on religious diversity and holidays. ...

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Minneapolis Adds $2 Million Climate Surcharge to Utilities

When it comes to innovative ways to wring more revenue out of residents,  you've got to hand it to Minneapolis.  The Minneapolis City Council plans to hike utility bills next year by $2 million over and above the already higher than ever gas and electric rates on the books. Why? The Star Tribune headline says it all: "Minneapolis is using electric bills to fight climate change."And ratepayers are supposed to feel as good about their involuntary contribution as their elected officials who imposed it. The City Council raised its franchise fees — payments that Xcel Energy and CenterPoint Energy collect from customers...

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“Resist Trump” Racial Equity Program Pockets 275k From MN Taxpayers

Minnesota cities, counties and state agencies have spent more than $275,000 in taxpayer funds on a provocative racial equity program led by a national leftwing advocacy group that urges local governments to “resist Trump” and bases its training for public employees on the premise that government institutions and workers are inherently racist, whether they realize it or not. “The Alliance leads with race, with the recognition that the creation and perpetuation of racial inequities has been baked into government,” according to the Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE) website. “From the inception of our country, government at the local, regional,...

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Conservative Speaker Ben Shapiro Not Welcome on Concordia Moorhead Campus

Concerns over the left's attacks on free speech, particularly on college campuses, made the front page above the fold this week in the Star Tribune. American Experiment's John Hinderaker, who was quoted by the paper, blogged here on the security surrounding what not so long ago would have been an ordinary night out featuring conservative speaker Charlie Kirk at the University of Minnesota. When we approached Anderson Hall, the site of Charlie Kirk’s speech, traffic barricades had been erected and the entrance was being guarded by at least a half dozen armed officers, both from the University of Minnesota campus police...

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