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“Resist Trump” Racial Equity Program Pockets 275k From MN Taxpayers

Minnesota cities, counties and state agencies have spent more than $275,000 in taxpayer funds on a provocative racial equity program led by a national leftwing advocacy group that urges local governments to “resist Trump” and bases its training for public employees on the premise that government institutions and workers are inherently racist, whether they realize it or not. “The Alliance leads with race, with the recognition that the creation and perpetuation of racial inequities has been baked into government,” according to the Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE) website. “From the inception of our country, government at the local, regional,...

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Conservative Speaker Ben Shapiro Not Welcome on Concordia Moorhead Campus

Concerns over the left's attacks on free speech, particularly on college campuses, made the front page above the fold this week in the Star Tribune. American Experiment's John Hinderaker, who was quoted by the paper, blogged here on the security surrounding what not so long ago would have been an ordinary night out featuring conservative speaker Charlie Kirk at the University of Minnesota. When we approached Anderson Hall, the site of Charlie Kirk’s speech, traffic barricades had been erected and the entrance was being guarded by at least a half dozen armed officers, both from the University of Minnesota campus police...

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Free Speech Is Under Attack On Minnesota’s Campuses

Today's Star Tribune has a front-page story on the assault on free speech at the University of Minnesota, in which I am quoted: The barricades were in place outside Anderson Hall, and a half-dozen police officers stood guard inside long before the guest speaker arrived. Charlie Kirk, a 24-year-old conservative firebrand, was bringing his pro-capitalism, small-government message to the University of Minnesota on Dec. 5. And he clearly was expecting some blowback. “Tonight I will be smashing socialism at the University of Minnesota!” Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA, tweeted that morning. “Protests expected from the intolerant campus left. Will be fun!” As...

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Franken’s Views on Women Were Exposed Years Ago

Nothing we've learned about Al Franken in the past few weeks should have come as any surprise to Minnesotans. An excellent example of this is a column that American Experiment's Katherine Kersten wrote in the Star Tribune back in June 2008 under the headline "Franken's Porn-O-Rama is no satire." Kersten's op-ed can also be read here. In the last few months, I've gotten a flood of emails from readers suggesting stories about Al Franken and his follies. This vein could be a rich one to mine, given Franken's years of motor-mouthing on Saturday Night Live and Air America Radio, and his...

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MN Democrats Torn Over Whether Franken Should Go

National Democrats want Minnesota Sen. Al Franken out of office sooner rather than later. But Minnesota DFLers are torn over whether or not the former funny man should quit, the Star Tribune reports. Some are "shocked, simply shocked" by the revelations about the ex-comedian whose vulgarity and "jokes" about rape and women they happily overlooked in Franken's first campaign for office. Betty Folliard, a former Minnesota lawmaker and women's rights advocate, called for Franken to resign even before new sexual harassment allegations surfaced Wednesday. "This issue of sexual harassment is never just one victim, and we've seen that play out in Franken's case,"...

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Franken Exposed on Rogue Hollywood Billboard

Al Franken has hit it big in Hollywood before, but arguably never this big.  The Minnesota senator popped up on a huge billboard along the 405 freeway just in time for early morning rush hour. But it's hardly the sort of "exposure" the ex-funny man was looking for on the day a fifth woman came forward to accuse the beleaguered politician of groping her. The Hollywood Reporter said the artwork had all the features of a conservative street artist named Sabo. A giant image of Sen. Al Franken grabbing at a half-naked woman greeted rush-hour commuters on a packed Los Angeles freeway...

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PC Activists Poised to Rename Lake Calhoun

The Hennepin County Board will likely rubber stamp a proposal on Tuesday to change the name of Lake Calhoun, rewriting state history at the behest of a relative handful of politically correct constituents. The group SaveLakeCalhoun.com recently took to the pages of the Star Tribune to acknowledge the likely outcome. Sadly, our county commissioners have chosen to ignore 80% of Minnesotans in order to appease extremist-political activists. But it's our fault. We the silent majority stayed quiet. How many of us attended the public hearing to protest? How many of us wrote a personal letter, or called our county commissioner to voice...

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Washington Post: What If Al Franken Resigns?

Social media has all but melted down today over allegations that Sen. Al Franken groped and kissed radio personality Leeann Tweeden without consent on a 2006 USO tour.  Franken recalls the incident differently than Tweeden but issued a lengthy apology and called for an ethics investigation on himself, while also expressing regret for churning out sexually inappropriate jokes for years as a comedian. But will it be enough to save Franken's senate seat? The Washington Post has already raised the possibility, if not likelihood, that the junior Minnesota senator may face expulsion or could resign in the current "political minefield." As of writing,...

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Video: Edina High School Students Refuse to Stand for Veterans

This video shows how extremely disrespectful some students at Edina High School were towards veterans at a school assembly to commemorate Veterans Day last Friday. In a message to Edina parents as tensions mounted over the incident yesterday, Superintendent John Schultz praised the students who refused to stand during the ceremony. During one of the EHS assemblies, a small group of students chose to peacefully protest during the playing of the national anthem. Since the event, EHS administration engaged in multiple conversations both with the students who protested and with others who expressed their concerns about the protests. In addition to discussions of...

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How “Creepy” is Video Targeting Edina High School Conservative Students?

Members of the Youth Conservatives Club at Edina High School were targeted yesterday by a threatening YouTube video. The video was apparently posted by an anonymous student wearing a Guy Fawkes mask under the YouTube account of Antifa EHS. The controversy erupted after a group of students refused to stand for the national anthem and playing of Taps last Friday at a Veterans Day school assembly. Edina Superintendent John Schultz characterized the video as "inflammatory and creepy" yet not an apparent threat to students' safety. But the Star Tribune reports the leader of the Edina YCC left school yesterday out of concern for...

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