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Justice Kavanaugh Sits: What does it mean for Roe v. Wade?

Collins assured the Senate, and her constituents, that Kavanaugh viewed Roe v. Wade as settled law. By leading the call for Kavanaugh’s confirmation, she has insured that the Court will not take up cases, or at least be reluctant, to take up cases, that get anywhere near overturning Roe. The Chief Justice will probably even avoid cases that expand state regulations of abortion, at least in the near future....

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Breaking News: Tech Giants are Biased

Several videos have surfaced that make it clear, in case anyone needed video proof, that the tech giants are led by left-leaning titans that have contempt for at least a half of its U.S. customer base.Yes, and it begs for a market solution, ideally not regulation but given the monopoly enjoyed by Facebook and the ubiquitous nature of the giants, this one is going to be a puzzle. I will get the Center interns working on it!...

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Media Ignores Vast Improvement in Nation’s Air Quality

You'd never know it from the media's selective coverage of the environment. But our nation's air quality has vastly improved over the past several decades, even as the economy tripled and our population and energy use significantly grew. The EPA's annual air quality report out this week documents a huge decrease in six crucial air pollutants since 1970. But the mainstream media ignored the good news story, leaving it up to online outlets like the Daily Signal to do their work for them. Americans who value clean air and robust economic growth do not need to make an either-or choice, according to...

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Anti-Janus Outrage: Allegations of Racism, Authoritarianism Alleged by Desperate Unions

In the wake of the Supreme Court's landmark Janus ruling, unions are in a state of outrage as workers are now allowed to leave. Pro-union media is raining down accusations of racism and authoritarianism on the part of SCOTUS, in attempt to to frighten union workers into maintaining their memberships. Fortunately, the facts remain, and after the media hype subsides, long term positive change is slated to take place. ...

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Sex, Pipelines and Pensions: American Experiment in the Media

At American Experiment, we aim to play a constructive role in Minnesota's marketplace of ideas and public policy. To do that the Center communicates its message statewide in an increasing variety of ways--radio, online videos, social media, our website, billboards, Thinking Minnesota magazine and digital advertising. Yet despite an expanding menu of media options, there's still something special about being published in the paper. Yesterday stood out as a perfect media storm with the Center's views on three wildly divergent issues featured in three of the state's biggest newspapers on topics from sex to pipelines to pensions. Katherine Kersten's "Sex and the...

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Let’s Talk Janus on MPR Tuesday with Kerri Miller: Public Employee Union Case

Kim Crockett will join Kerri Miller on MPR tomorrow, Tuesday June 19th for an hour at 9:00 AM (91.1 FM) to discuss the public employee union fee case, Janus v Afscme. They will be joined by Jon Shelton, who studies the history of unions at UW-Green Bay. The High Court will rule by the end of June. Please join the conversation by calling 651-227-6000 or 800-242-2828....

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Save the Minneapolis Art Institute (MIA) from itself: Join and Speak Up

I went to see the “Power and Beauty in China’s Last Dynasty” at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA). I recommend that you go to see the art now that the exhibit is thankfully closed. I knew I was in trouble when the exhibit began by touting the "designer's" Hollywood credentials and friends like Brad Pitt. I thought, “uh-oh.” And got more nervous when we were ushered into a 5-minute “meditation” in a very dark room with one vase glowing on the wall. ...

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Star Tribune Touts Higher Taxes–Except for Newspapers

A full-page ad warning readers their "access to local news just got more expensive" has popped up again in the Star Tribune. Higher U.S. tariffs imposed by the Trump Administration on Canadian newsprint used by most U.S. publishers threaten the industry's bottom line, including the Star Tribune's. A trade group called the News Media Alliance takes responsibility for the ad's ominous tone imploring news junkies  to "protect your right to read." The notice even implores readers to urge their representatives in Congress to kill the tax. The U.S. government just imposed a new tax on newsprint, increasing the cost of the paper you are...

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Change of Guard? Peter McLaughlin does not get endorsed for Hennepin County

The article, written with no sense of apology for its blunt focus on race, age and sexual preference, with little reference to policy positions, went on the describe other changes or potential changes in the guard in Minneapolis city and county positions. Nothing on addressing street crime, congestion or fixing pot holes, for example. Let’s just say it helps to get elected in Minneapolis if you are not an old, white, straight male. Sorry, Peter. ...

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Thank you Star Tribune for urging Gov. Dayton to ‘keep the greater good in mind’ and sign the ‘protest’ bill

The Star Tribune should be commended (again!) for their May 19 editorial urging Gov. Dayton to sign the bill enhancing penalties for protesters who block highways or airports.  I say “again” because the Star Tribune previously editorialized in support of this cause 15 months ago, and I thanked them here.  [Star Tribune photo.] Saturday’s newspaper editorial was titled, “Protesters go too far in blocking highways,” but the online headline was much stronger and to the point: “Protesters endanger themselves and others when blocking highways: Dayton should sign bill that would increase penalties.”  I hope Gov. Dayton and his advisers see the...

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