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Thomas Friedman agrees with the Trump agenda

Steven Hayward calls it a “stopped clock moment” but in his latest New York Times column Thomas Friedman basically comes out as agreeing with key parts of the Trump agenda.  Imagine that from one of Minnesota’s own and perhaps the most celebrated liberal columnist in America.  It remains to be seen how the horde of Friedman worshipers will take this new revelation from their oracle.  Here’s Friedman’s surprising list of issues: We can’t take in every immigrant who wants to come here; we need, metaphorically speaking, a high wall that assures Americans we can control our border with a big gate...

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Media Wants It Both Ways in U of M Coverage

KSTP-TV’s investigative unit got a scoop recently in reporting on accusations of sexual harassment involving a University of Minnesota athletics department fundraiser. That’s what journalists do, work sources, obtain confidential documents, get it online and on the air before the competition. Kudos to KSTP-TV, where I covered a beat and ran a documentary unit earlier in my career. The U of M released the redacted report yesterday in announcing Randy Handel's suspension and demotion. Meantime, more than 260 members of the Twin Cities media have signed a petition demanding the U of M drop an internal investigation into who leaked the...

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Star Tribune: As Biased As Ever?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has long been known as a DFL newspaper. In the last few years, some have said that its liberal bias might be less pronounced. That is, I think, dubious. Take, for instance, this morning's article about President Trump's budget proposal by reporter Maya Rao. The article describes Trump's budget, highlights the fact that it doesn't contain anything for Southwest Light Rail Transit, and then seeks reactions to the budget from six outsiders. Those sources tell us that the president's budget will "put heavy new pressure on food shelves and the state’s health care system," “should be of...

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Fake News From St. Olaf to AP’s Nazi Photos

For a group so obsessed with calling out "fake news" the media sure does a good job of perpetuating it. The phony flap over the fake racist note at St. Olaf should have raised suspicions from the start. First clue? The revelation the offensive note was burned before anyone, including police investigators, could view it. Unlike its profile earlier this week of a local Black Lives Matter leader, the Star Tribune declined to censor readers' reactions to the delicate development and permit comments on the fake news from St. Olaf. Dozens of readers claim they saw through it from day one. Maybe,...

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Trump Threatens Press Freedom? Ridiculous

The Star Tribune editorial board wrote on Tuesday: "Trump administration continues to threaten a free press." Did I miss the news about President Trump vowing to shut down CNN or the New York Times? Of course, that didn't happen. So what is the editorial board talking about? [A]t a campaign-rally style event on Saturday, Trump used the bully pulpit to try to bully the news media, which he said included some “very dishonest people.” So what? A free press is not a press that is immune from criticism. On the contrary, disagreement is the corollary of freedom. And we all know that...

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Why Are 600 Demonstrators News?

The Star Tribune reports on a demonstration in downtown Minneapolis, which it considers to be newsworthy: "Hundreds turn out in Minneapolis for march opposing Trump administration's policies on climate." Hundreds? Really? In what way is that newsworthy? Hundreds of people may turn out for a high school soccer game. Hundreds is a big number for a book club, but a pathetically small number for a demonstration. The Strib says: Minneapolis police estimated up to 600 demonstrators at the beginning of the march around 3 p.m., although more people joined in as it continued. Let's assume that the crowd ballooned to a whopping 800...

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Lenin’s Vanguard at Wellesley College: Get Thee To Hillsdale

An unsigned excerpt from an editorial in a college newspaper, the Wellesley News, was featured in The Wall Street Journal. It demonstrates that these college students have learned all too well at the knee of the Left. I move that anyone responsible for the editorial be required to take the Hillsdale College course on the U.S. Constitution. And spend a semester at Hillsdale to detoxify. ...

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Media Outrage Over White House “Block” is a Double Standard

President Trump’s speech today at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) called out reporters who don’t “represent the people.” Hours later the White House prevented certain news organizations from attending an off-camera briefing. And those ousted from the gaggle began hyperventilating. First things first, a press gaggle is an informal briefing by the White House Press Secretary. It's not an event the entire press corps attends. The Star Tribune described the decision as a “highly unusual breach of relations with the press corps.” Now whether or not this was a smart move by the administration is up for debate. But it’s actually not unusual....

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First Time Activist? Not Exactly

Congressman Tom Emmer's much anticipated (at least in the media) town hall meeting did not live up to advanced billing by most press accounts.  A lively but largely civil give-and-take went on for about an hour in a crowded, standing room only Sartell City Hall. One of the questions being floated by the press focuses on whether the boisterous crowds turning out to disrupt congressional constituent meetings marks the onset of a Democratic party tea party movement.  Were the hundreds of people in Sartell an authentic grassroots response to the Trump era or more of an "astroturf" organized political campaign directed...

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The Liberal Media: Biased, Yes, But Also Incompetent

Tomorrow's Star Tribune includes an Associated Press story on "fake news." There is much that can be said on that topic. Over the last year or two, some fraudulent news sites have appeared. They mimic, say, ABC News, but actually have nothing to do with ABC or any other legitimate outlet. That is illegal, and I would encourage news sites that are so impersonated to file suit. On the other hand, the mainstream media have also published a great many false news stories. This is a much more damaging form of fake news, since far more people are likely to fall...

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