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Trapshooting Team Banned From School Yearbook [Updated]

Big Lake High School has a trapshooting team, which isn't surprising since trapshooting is the fastest-growing sport in Minnesota. Currently, around 11,000 students in 343 Minnesota high schools participate in the sport. From the photo below, it looks as though trapshooting is popular in Big Lake. Over 50 students apparently are participating: That's a nice photo, but it won't be appearing in the Big Lake High School yearbook. The Star Tribune reports that the photo has been banned because the trapshooters are holding firearms: Big Lake High School trapshooting coach Rhonda Eckerdt says she learned Wednesday from the athletic director that the...

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Off-Duty Cop Who Stopped St. Cloud Jihadist Named Officer of Year

Avon police officer Jason Falconer might have been off-duty last September 17 but he was in the right place at the right time.  When Dahir Adan, a Somali refugee and student, went on a stabbing rampage at Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud, Falconer, a firearms training instructor and cop, knew what to do. This week Jason Falconer was recognized by the Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association as the officer of the year for his bravery in ending a terrorist attack that received international attention. The highest honor bestowed by the association is given annually to an officer who has demonstrated “courage in...

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Abdi Warsame’s False Claim on Extremist Violence

Minneapolis City Council Abdi Warsame was dishonest in his Star Tribune op-ed yesterday that called for all community organizations to not cooperate with the Countering Violent Extremism program when he claimed that “more American’s have been killed by right-wing extremists than by those claiming to act in the name of Islam.” He didn’t cite his source but it most likely came from a New America study of extremists from over a year ago that found that since 2002 right-wing murders were slightly ahead of Islamists murders 48-45.  What is especially dishonest is that he didn’t include the Orlando attack on a...

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Star Tribune support for Republican “protest” bill a vital step forward

The Star Tribune should be commended for their important January 19 editorial: Take prudent steps to keep protests safe.  They are basically agreeing with Republican efforts to more effectively deter protesters from shutting down highways and rail lines.  The Star Tribune’s message that this type of recent protester behavior is unacceptable is a vital step forward toward restoring order and public safety.  Here are the highlights, with emphasis added: Legislators at the State Capitol would be wise to proceed carefully with efforts to clamp down on certain types of protest — namely, those that block highways and light rail tracks —...

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Protesters’ Latest Road Shutdown Demonstrates Need for New Law

Protesters took over another major Twin Cities roadway during rush hour on Friday afternoon to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline. Presumably they were motivated by the new administration's decision earlier this week to green light the North Dakota pipeline project for completion. But what the protesters demonstrated more than anything else is the need to fast track the proposed legislation at the State Capitol to significantly increase fines and jail time for protesters that block highways and jeopardize public safety. A Dakota Access pipeline protest halted vehicle traffic on a Mississippi River bridge between St. Paul and Minneapolis during rush hour Friday...

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Protesters’ Stadium Stunt Raises Super Bowl Security Concerns

The game day stunt pulled by anti-pipeline protesters at last week's Vikings -Bears game may not make the team's highlight reel, but it's become one of the most scrutinized plays of a lackluster season. Yet the fallout holds  more implications for the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and NFL than the Dakota Access pipeline that inspired the hooliganism. The incident clearly poses security questions as Minnesota begins preparing for the biggest sporting event of the year that's set to be played at U.S. Bank Stadium next February: Super Bowl 52. Minneapolis police, stadium management company SMG and the NFL face pressure to answer...

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Heather Mac Donald’s Research on the Law and Order Crisis

On Thursday (Dec. 8) American Experiment will host Heather Mac Donald, the premier crime expert in the nation for a special lunch forum on her new book: The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law Enforcement Makes Everyone Less Safe.  We are expecting a full room of over 350 that will include about 150 law enforcement officers who will be recognized and honored. $30 tickets are available here.   This morning (Dec. 2) Heather Mac Donald gave a terrific interview to the Justice & Drew Show on AM-1130.  The summary below gives a good concise review of her important...

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Judge Davis Sentences Would-Be Terrorists

Over the last three days, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Davis has sentenced the nine young Somalis who pled guilty, or were tried and convicted, of trying to travel to Syria to fight with ISIS. Judge Davis started at the bottom and worked his way up. On Monday, he handed down the lightest sentences. One defendant, who pled guilty, cooperated with police and testified against other defendants, was sentenced to time already served. A second defendant who pled guilty and cooperated got 30 months, while a third who pled guilty but did not cooperate with police was sentenced to ten...

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Zeller response to Minneapolis City Council member Blong Yang on lurking law and crime

On Monday (Oct. 24) Minneapolis City Council member Blong Yang responded to my earlier Star Tribune op-ed that discussed the council’s politically correct repeal of their lurking ordinance and the likely connection with recent downtown shootings.  Here’s my response to his arguments: He says I suggested “that the repeal of the lurking ordinance in MInneapolis (sic) has tied the hands of law enforcement.”  This isn’t my original idea, I was quoting Minneapolis police union leader Lt. Bob Kroll who pleaded with the City Council not to take away this “very useful tool” as reported by the Star Tribune May 7, 2015...

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Star Tribune Counterpoint: There ought be a law to prevent that … Oh, wait!

Minneapolis had a lurking law that helped head off trouble. Then political correctness struck. In the wake of more downtown shootings, it’s great that Minneapolis leaders are making new plans and that the Star Tribune Editorial Board is forwarding their ideas (“Yet another round of shots fired in Mpls.,” Oct. 7). But where was clear thinking last summer, when the “lurking” ordinance was being repealed and police union leader Lt. Bob Kroll was pleading with the City Council to not take this “very useful tool” away from law enforcement? Nearly everyone was in favor of repealing the lurking law, which prohibited outlaws...

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