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Duluth Cops Told to Stand Down on Thin Blue Line Flag Masks

Duluth cops have been wearing donated protective masks bearing an American flag with a blue line running through it since the earliest days of the pandemic. But now they've suddenly been told to stand down from wearing the so-called thin blue line masks and turn them inside out to appease a handful of residents who called in to complain, according to the Duluth News Tribune. "We made the suggestion to officers that we should probably flip them around so that just the black side was showing. And then, some did and some didn't because it wasn't an order or a directive...

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How Much Equity Have Walz and Frey Erased?

Liberals and the "Progressive" politicians to their left love to use the buzzwords of "equity, diversity, and inclusivity," but politicians like Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Jacob Frey have erased decades of equity for low-income families by allowing violence and rioting to run virtually unchallenged for three days earlier this year. The fallout is resulting in a huge drop in the kind of equity you measure in dollars. Equity For Me, But Not For Thee Traditionally, the way that Americans build their wealth is through home equity. Investopedia defines home equity as "the market value of a homeowner's unencumbered interest in their...

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Walz Mobilizes Guard Troops He Called “19-Year-Olds who are Cooks” in New Riots

Unlike the last time Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey called for emergency backup in containing riots after George Floyd's death, Gov. Tim Walz fell all over himself on Wednesday dispatching the Minnesota National Guard and State Patrol to confront the latest round of looting and regain control of the streets. Rather than blaming Frey for not being specific enough about his request for troops or waiting for the violence to get worse before responding in force again, Walz did what he claimed wasn't possible in May, mobilizing the National Guard expeditiously. A terse news release provided details. Citing unlawful and dangerous looting and violence...

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Finally! State Patrol Cracks Down on Freeway Protesters

Under leftist Gov. Tim Walz, the Minnesota State Patrol has repeatedly looked the other way as favored political protesters flagrantly broke the law and endangered public safety.  Most infamously, the state's top cops stood by and watched as protesters tore down the statue of Christopher Columbus at the State Capitol in June. But American Experiment has pointed out the politicization of the patrol and other public safety officials under Walz in other instances in recent posts. Walz’s Minnesota State Patrol and Department of Transportation have effectively given the go-ahead to protesters who decide to shut down Twin Cities freeways to make their...

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