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Police Reform Part 4: People support police system reform

It should be understood there is no sure way to end police violence and no one formula works. But a widely agreed set of practices like more training, ending militarization, enacting strict use of force policies, abolishing unions, and removing hindrances to holding police officers accountable are all necessary steps to take if reform is going to take place. ...

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Police Reform part 3: Police Unions are a big hindrance to accountability

Unions have a number of mechanisms through which they manage to impose their will and protect their members. Most of their mechanisms however translate to leaving police departments so hamstrung that they are unable to discipline or fire officers for misconduct. In the event that an officer is fired, unions are able to renegotiate and often repeal the sentence and get them reinstated....

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Police reform Part 2: Why it is hard to charge and convict police officers of misconduct

suppose there was a magic wand that suddenly enhanced officer training, ended militarization, reduced the scope of services the police could provide, and reduced support for tough on crime policies. Could we see an end to police brutality? We would probably see a decrease but only up to a point. This is because even with more training, no military gear, or restricting the police to a fewer selection of services, there is still the matter of what happens when a police officer has behaved poorly. What kind of consequences do they face? Unfortunately, police officers usually face little to no...

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Rioters No Match for St. Cloud Police Chief

The mob mentality that Gov. Tim Walz, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter allowed to terrorize the Twin Cities for several days following the death of George Floyd in police custody has traveled up I-94 to St. Cloud. Violence broke out late Sunday night in the wake of an arrest of an 18-year old man with a firearm who allegedly shot and wounded a St. Cloud police officer in the process. The officers on the scene never returned fire, but that didn't discourage dozens of individuals from going on a rampage anyway following false reports of a...

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Police Reform Part 1: A lot of Factors contribute to police brutality

Generally, a majority of people agree that the police system needs to change. There has been a growing realization that the way the system is set up encourages the use of force or does not discourage officers from using excessive violence. Things like (1) lack of adequate training (2) militarization of the police (3) tasking the police with jobs they are ill-equipped to do (4) public perception of crime, are some of the most common factors contributing to police brutality....

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