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Minneapolis ranked 40th among 115 North American cities on ease of doing business.

A newly launched study by the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty at Arizona State University has ranked Minneapolis 40th among 115 cities in North America on overall ease of doing business. The study which is intended to be an annual report, scores and ranks major cities in the states or provinces of Mexico, United States and Canada overall on how easy or difficult it is to start, operate and shut down a business. The study;  "intends - through the creation of comparable measures over time and its overall Ease of Doing Business Score- to contribute to the understanding of...

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More Than Organized Garbage Controversy is on the Ballot in St. Paul

Has St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter overplayed his hand? That's the unspoken question behind Pioneer Press columnist Joe Soucheray's breakdown of Carter's manipulation of residents facing a referendum on the mayor's much maligned pet project--organized garbage collection. Now what do we do? The state’s highest court has ruled that St. Paul’s contract with a consortium of trash haulers must be honored. The mayor, Melvin Carter, has arrogantly pointed out that we can go ahead and vote yes on the Nov. 5 ballot referendum or vote no, but all we are really voting on is how this arrangement will be paid for. In...

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Minnesota Remains One of Worst States for Cigarette Smuggling

Most citizens would be alarmed to learn how big of a problem cigarette smuggling represents in states with high cigarette taxes like Minnesota. Many realize the state's taxes on cigarettes rank among the highest in the nation at $3.59 per pack. But how many understand that Minnesota has one of the highest rates of cigarette smuggling in the country and the criminal element that comes with it? The trend recently caught the attention of the Pioneer Press. Officials say smugglers have been bringing in tobacco products by the truckload from Indiana, where the tax is one-fourth of what Minnesota charges. They sell...

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St. Paul Mayor Carter Threatens Residents With Huge Tax Increase Over Garbage Vote

What would it take for St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter to come down on the side of average constituents in his city? Apparently more than an act of God. A boilerplate "act of God" clause in the city's contract with trash haulers would almost certainly let taxpayers off the hook from paying the $27 million due under the agreement should residents vote on November 5 to scrap the disastrous organized garbage collection system City Hall imposed on them last year. But the Pioneer Press indicates Carter would rather punish taxpayers than fight for them if they reject his pet project, regardless of...

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Evidence from San Francisco shows that rent control makes income inequality worse

Surely, when San Francisco's politicians passed rent control laws they didn't intend to increase income inequality in the city. But that is what happened. Once again, we see the truth of Milton Friedman's old saying: “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results”...

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