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Evidence from San Francisco shows that rent control makes income inequality worse

Surely, when San Francisco's politicians passed rent control laws they didn't intend to increase income inequality in the city. But that is what happened. Once again, we see the truth of Milton Friedman's old saying: “One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results”...

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Affordable housing is rare because it’s illegal to build

Excessive fees and regulations are the problem – high prices are just the symptom. We need the supply of housing to expand. Instead of spending hundreds of millions of dollars dealing with the symptoms, our policymakers must remove the barriers to the construction of affordable housing – barriers which, in many cases, they are responsible for erecting....

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MN Supreme Court Upholds St. Paul Residents’ Vote on Garbage

It took a decision from the Minnesota Supreme Court but St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter finally appears ready to follow the law and allow his constituents to vote on whether the people or city bureaucrats should choose who hauls out their trash. The city has until today to meet a deadline for language to put the issue on the ballot this November, according to the Pioneer Press. “We respect the decision from the Supreme Court and appreciate their clarity on how to proceed,” said Carter, in a statement on Thursday. “The city will continue to ensure that garbage service continues uninterrupted,...

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Feel Good Minneapolis Wage-Theft Ordinance Could Undercut State Law

Minnesota just implemented the toughest wage-theft law in the nation for businesses that shortchange workers. But that's not good enough for Minneapolis pols who insist on the need for a copy cat version of the same law that would only further add to bureaucracy, paperwork and cost of doing business in the city. It's so far over the top and duplicative of the state statute that the Star Tribune editorial board shot it down. For example, the city proposal says that if an employee files a wage-theft claim against an employer and is fired within 90 days, the employer must prove that...

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Backlash Forces St. Cloud to Ditch Drastic Rental Property Mandates

On second thought, maybe it's not such a great idea to force St. Cloud property owners to spend thousands of dollars on a regulatory program with a catchy title but little apparent support outside of those who want to punish landlords. More than a dozen property owners and citizens unloaded on the St. Cloud City Council this week over City Hall's plan to make the voluntary Eyes on the South Side rental property program a requirement to get certified by the city. Their decision to go public led city councilors to back off at least in the short run, reports the St....

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