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Florida’s Occupational Freedom and Opportunity Act will reduce or eliminate licensing requirements for multiple professions

In a positive turn of events, the state of Florida has passed a law that makes it easier for some professions to do their jobs. The law, which is called the occupational Freedom and Opportunity Act, effectively reduces or eliminates licensing requirements for multiple professions. This is one of the biggest licensing reforms ever undertaken by any state and it will go a long way in reducing unemployment and increasing entrepreneurship in the state....

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Spanish conservation experts call for tighter regulation on art restoration: a classic example of how overregulation begins

If you are like any human being, you would think twice about going to a restaurant that provides poor quality service. Everyone would. It serves our best interests to seek out goods and services from skilled providers; ones that meet our standards of quality. This is not particular to certain industries. This is why tight regulation is not a solution to getting rid of poor quality services. Only people who have a misguided notion about what regulation accomplishes call for increased regulation as a way to improve quality. ...

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Research finds that high minimum wage rates disproportionately hurt African-American men

Minnesota is one of 21 states whose minimum wage rate is higher than the federal rate. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul are on track to hike it to $15 an hour. Given the apparent negative impact of high rates on the employment of black men, might these not be some part of our state's racial disparities?...

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Gov. Walz pushes expanded ‘Ban the box’ laws which research shows negatively impact the employment prospects of young black and Latino men

Research shows that 'Ban the box' laws increase callback rates for people with criminal records at the cost of reducing the likelihood that employers call back or hire young black and Latino men. So, do we persist with these laws because their intentions are noble, or do we junk them because their outcomes are harmful?...

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New health and safety protocols prove burdensome as childcare providers eye reopening

Childcare is essential for the economy. And right now, access to childcare will be a critical factor in deciding when parents will be able to go back to work. It is no secret the industry has faced issues with shortage and high prices before. And these issues are partly a result of too much regulation. It is important that providers keep kids safe. But this is a critical time for the childcare industry. And these rules will do more harm than good to the industry. ...

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Restaurants and bars are finding it hard to operate with new rules

So far any establishment that cannot physically seat people outside has not been able to open and operate legally. Furthermore,  restaurants have been forced to plan their business around the whims of erratic weather, which is problematic. This new arrangement, in so many ways, does not differ significantly from the previous arrangement of requiring dining places and bars to stay closed....

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California anti-freelancer law is leading to a shortage of anesthesiologists in the state, potentially making surgery more dangerous

California, generally already faces a shortage of anesthesiologists, a problem which is acute in rural areas as most anesthesiologists choose to live in major urban areas. There is no doubt this law, although probably well-intended, will continue to make this problem worse for these people who already suffer from a shortage of medical care, while at the same time infringing on people`s right to earn a living....

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The SEC has loosened regulation to make it easier for businesses to raise capital

During the duration of the pandemic amendments have been made to temporarily suspend regulation in order to make it easier for businesses to operate. The latest change in regulation has come from the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) which wishes to make it easier for small businesses to obtain capital through crowdfunding offerings. To accomplish this; “The SEC this week Decided to temporarily exempt small business owners from needing to get an independent audit of their financial statements if they sell between $107,000 and $250,000 in securities within a 12-month period. It also removes a 21-day waiting period before businesses can use the money...

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Tight regulation is making survival harder for craft breweries amid the shutdown

Minnesota`s tight liquor industry regulation has been proving as an issue for producers for some time. Currently, regulation has come up as one of the issues that might contribute to breweries going out of business, thus in addition to their lack of revenue. Breweries have expressed that they might not be able stay in businesses if the stay at home order is extended beyond May 13th. The current stay at home order runs until May 4th but there is a chance it might be extended. The possibility of extension is what spells doom for most small businesses who do not have...

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