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Garbage In, Government Out? Residents Challenge Bloomington Garbage System

Garbage in, government out? The Ramsey County District Court ruling in favor of St. Paul residents who petitioned the city for the right to vote on how their garbage gets picked up dominated Twin Cities news coverage last week. The court ruled the city illegally rejected a petition signed by thousands of citizens to force a referendum on whether to let citizens choose their trash hauler or to go with the controversial organized garbage collection already imposed on them by the city. RELATED: MN High Court Rules for Citizens Fighting Bloomington on Garbage But there's another case involving the city of Bloomington thwarting...

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The Twin Cities’ ‘affordable housing’ shortage was caused by their politicians

A new report finds that the 'affordable housing' crisis in the Twin Cities is a creation of state and local government here. Regulations, passed by lawmakers here, have driven costs up. Is it really sensible to try to solve a problem caused by political regulation with another round of political regulation? ...

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State Agency: Your Clothes Are Polluting the Planet

You probably don't think of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency as a go-to source for fashion tips. But in its latest "Living Green 365" bulletin, the state agency urges Minnesotans to check out their wardrobes. In case you weren't aware of it, your clothes are polluting the planet. Take a look in your closet. What do you see? Clothes you wear? Clothes you never wear? You’re probably not thinking that’s a lot of plastic. Plastic —polyester, acrylic, nylon, and other synthetic fibers—is about 60% of the material that makes up our clothes. And it turns out those synthetic fabrics we’ve been comfortably wearing...

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