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Counterpoint: Article on CEO pay lacked balance, perspective

Creating value does not hurt the poor; it makes everyone richer.  This counterpoint originally appeared in the Star Tribune on August 23, 2019. The Star Tribune missed an opportunity to achieve balanced reporting in “Worker pay stagnates as it soars for CEOs” (August 19). The article amounted to an uncritical summary of a report produced by the left-wing Economic Policy Institute, without any alternative research or viewpoints. First, the piece failed to reveal the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) is largely funded and run by labor unions and left-wing academics. EPI is described as a nonprofit think tank “that focuses on low- and middle-income...

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Voluntary Pre-K held at 2017 level, but does not target neediest children

Minnesota is spending enormous sums of money on education programs for very young children, but the state’s mission is muddled and the results discouraging. Plus, the policy forces private child care providers to compete with “free” child care, threatening to create a government monopoly on child care. The good news is that the Senate held the line, with no increase in spending, and Gov. Walz, is showing some independence from the teachers’ union. ...

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“Entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.”

When I got home last night, I watched a local news clip reporting Gov. Walz’s “100 percent renewables by 2050” proposal. I was looking closely at the news anchors; would they report this as a serious idea? Would they burst into laughter? One of them seemed to have a slight smile, like he was trying hard not to laugh. Or point out that Tim Walz would probably be senile or dead by 2050.  ...

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Panera Cares Closes Last “Pay-What-You-Can-Restaurant”

The article below was originally printed in The Blaze and details the spectacular failure of the "test of humanity" conducted by the founder of Panera. It turns out people won't magically pay their "fair share" when there is no accountability. By effectively reducing the price of the meals to nothing, demand skyrocketed and the company hemorrhaged money, and eventually had to cap the number of free meals it would give to the homeless. Panera Bread will be closing its last pay-what-you-can restaurant, located in Boston, on Feb. 15. The move comes after the business's "nonprofit" restaurant concept became unviable. On Tuesday, Eater reported that none of...

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