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Still Banned in the State of Hockey, Minnesota Youth Team Laces up in Fargo 

In his latest executive order, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz continued what amounts to an effective ban on full participation in most youth sports this summer. Parsing what's permitted and not in the Minnesota Department of Health's latest guidelines practically requires an attorney to sort out. Here's a partial look at the lineup of do's and don'ts tallied by Forum Communications. The health department has categorized sporting activities in low, medium and high-risk categories, depending upon the closeness of play, the duration of closeness and the use of shared equipment like balls. The result is a sometimes odd grouping in which partner figure skating...

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Think Tanks In High-Stakes Wager Over Playoff Game

Tomorrow the Minnesota Vikings take on the heavily favored San Francisco 49ers in an NFC playoff game. In anticipation of the clash, Center of the American Experiment has challenged the California Policy Center to a wager: three AAA batteries--sure to be of use in California's next blackout--against an iconic California product. Will Swaim, CPC's President, manfully accepted the bet, putting up lunch at a Mexican restaurant of our choice against the batteries. I interpret that to mean lunch, including margaritas, for the entire Center staff. It is well known that California has been subject to rolling blackouts as a result of...

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Wisconsin Football Teams Sweep Minnesota

It appears receiving approximately half a billion dollars in taxpayer dollars wasn't enough to put the Vikings over the Green Bay Packers at Unethically Subsidized (U.S.) Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis. Green Bay committed three turnovers in the first half, including a fumble by Aaron Jones, an interception by Aaron Rodgers and a fumble by Devante Adams. Two of these turnovers occurred in Packer territory and ultimately led to a field goal conversion by Minnesota and a perfectly-placed ball from Kirk Cousins to Stefon Diggs to put 10 points on the board for the Vikings. Despite the turnovers, Green Bay trailed...

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How Gopher football is turning gatorade into wine

In addition to all the new true believers in Gopher football there surely are new skeptics also, but not the kind with doubts about whether the team is really good. Rather, I assume there’s a sizable number who nervously fear, “We’re not turning into one of those fanatical southern states, are we, where football is not just king but pretty much godly?” No, we’re not, but what this season again has taught is how sports can nourish the souls of secular institutions. Getting me thinking along these lines is an exceptional essay I just read, written two years ago and having...

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