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A Classically Liberal Take on Sports and Other Extracurricular Activities

Note: My apologies if the following seems a bit thick with name dropping.  But one of the wonderful things about being part of Center of the American Experiment for almost 30 years, and being involved in public affairs before then, is that I’ve met many remarkable men and women who have become friends, often quite close friends. A few days ago, online, I was watching writer Peter Wehner deliver a superb paper on character education under the auspices of the Hoover Institution and Fordham Institute.  He’s a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington as well as...

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In The Tank (ep177) – Green New Deal Insanity, Panera Cares Fail, Stadium Subsidies

Hello! This week's episode of In the Tank deals with the green new deal insanity, the abject failure of Panera Cares, and stadium subsidies (hint, it's not great for MN).

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Minnesota Vikings Help Cover the Cost of Innagural Parties for Governor Walz

Governor Tim Walz capped off his first week in office with an inaugural party in Minneapolis on Saturday, treating thousands of Minnesotans to a night of food and performances meant to highlight the state’s diversity and strengths, according to the Star Tribune. That's all well and fine. Politicians have parties to thank supporters and volunteers after slogging through seemingly-endless campaign season, and as long as taxpayers are not paying for it, go for it. But if we don't pay for it, someone else does. According to the Star Tribune: The party capped a week of ceremony and celebration for the administration. After being sworn in...

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Bigger Boondoggle, MNLARS or Kirk Cousins?

The Minnesota Licensing and Registration System (MNLARS) was supposed to be the future for our state. Instead of long lines, bad waiting room music, and having to take time off work to run to the DVS, MNLARS promised all of these functions could be easily, and affordably, be transferred over to an efficient, secure, online service. Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out that way. MNLARS has gotten better since its disastrous roll-out in 2017, but it is hard to argue the service is worth the $93 million already paid out for the program. What's worse, officials from the Dayton Administration estimated the additional...

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My NFL Picks Were Hot Garbage This Season

I tried my hand at calling how the NFL season would play out before the season started. Turns out I should keep this day job because my picks were hot garbage. Let's take a look. AFC North: 1. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Killer Bees continue to dominate this division. 2. Cincinnati Bengals: They were bad last year, but the rest of the division is worse. 3. Cleveland Browns: The Browns take a big step forward this year. 4. Baltimore Ravens: Upgrades to the wide receiving core and a healthy offensive line could make this look silly, but they still have Joe Flacco at the helm. Actual Finish: Baltimore,...

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Happy Festivus, Everyone!

Happy Festivus, Everyone! In case you're unfamiliar, Festivus is perhaps the holiest day of the year, where family members gather around an unadorned aluminum pole and air their grievances with each other. Keeping with this sacred tradition, I have a few grievances I'd like to air. In the words of St. Francis (Costanza): Mark Dayton: Policy disagreements are to be expected in life, that's fair, but to give 22 state employees huge raises on your way out the door is exactly why people on the left and right have lost confidence in politics and begun favoring populist candidates. Scott Walker As a native Wisconsinite I still...

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Wisconsin Sports Stadiums Cleaner Than Minnesota’s

"ESPN’s Outside The Lines published an exhaustive report on food safety at every major North American sports venue. None of the four Twin Cities sports venues on the list fared well," wrote the Star Tribune. None of the four Twin Cities sports venues on the list fared well. The worst of the bunch, per OTL’s reporting and methodology, was U.S. Bank Stadium — home of the Vikings, which opened in 2016. High-level violations were found at nearly 60 percent of inspection points, ranking U.S. Bank Stadium 90th out of the 107 venues. In contrast, the facilities in Wisconsin fared much better. Miller Park...

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No-Hit Wonders

Announcers Dick Bremer, Roy Smalley, and Justin Morneau, during the Twins-Yankees game Wednesday night in which Jake Odorizzi got reasonably close to no-hitting the Yankees, said no one pitcher had no-hit the New Yorkers since Baltimore’s Hoyt Wilhelm did in 1958. I don’t want anyone to think I’m old or anything, or that I might have grown up outside of Minnesota, or that I might have been a Yankee fan at one time, but I watched that game on WPIX-TV, Channel 11, in real time before it was called that. Remarkably, given the thousands of games I’ve watched in my life, it...

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