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This is a Whopper: Minnesota’s HQ2 Amazon bid was lost in the Cloud.

Minnesota’s HQ2 bid is subject to transparency laws. So why didn’t the State release the bid back in 2017? Apparently, Governor Dayton did not think taxpayers had the right to see what was promised to Amazon. When a small non-profit (Public Record Media) sued to get a copy of the bid, the State claimed that it did not possess a copy of the bid. ...

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Lawmakers draw battle lines over 70% gas tax increase

There are only two weeks left before the legislative deadline to pass a new two-year state budget. The The GOP-majority Senate is still at odds with the DFL-majority House and governor over their proposed $2.1 billion tax increase, and the most contentious of these new taxes is the 70% increase in the gas tax. You may have heard that increasing Minnesota's gas taxes to 48-cents per gallon would give us the 4th highest gas tax in the nation. The Tax Foundation just released a new map that puts this in perspective. Indeed, gas in Minnesota would cost almost 20-cents more per gallon...

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Handy chart shows exactly how much Gov. Walz wants to increase taxes for your income level

If you listen to the news at all, you've probably heard conflicting talking points about how the various plans to increase taxes at the state legislature will affect you. It's difficult to cut through the broad generalizations to find out exactly how much more you'll be expected to pay. That's where the tax incidence analysis compiled by the Minnesota Department of Revenue comes in handy. Just find your income range in the chart below to find out how much Gov. Walz wants to raise your taxes! (Click to zoom in.) Spoiler: everyone pays more, somewhere between 4.39-12.02%. The average Minnesota household can...

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Send Illegal Aliens to Sanctuary Cities? Be careful what you wish for.

Given Minnesota’s leadership in the metro and the governor’s mansion, if you are cheering on the idea of punishing sanctuary cities, be careful what you wish for. Minnesota’s already overburdened welfare state would grow if the administration carried out this policy. And imagine, given Minnesota’s free-for-all at the voting booth and loose absentee ballot laws, how voter fraud could change the state forever....

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In The Tank (EP186) – Artificially Inflated Green Jobs Numbers, Geoengineering, Tax Freedom Day, and Lindsey Stroud on Vaping

Hello! In the first segment, Isaac gives us a rundown on how "clean energy job creation numbers [are] artificially inflated." In an effort to pass off renewable energy mandates as a potential job creator, advocates suggest renewable energy is responsible for thousands of jobs. Isaac reveals why this idea is "bunk." Next, the trio talk about the idea of geoengineering. A Reason Foundation article titled "New Research Suggests Solar Geoengineering Could Safely Lower Global Temperatures," makes the case that we should be able to discuss and experiment with these theories. Supplemental article: 7 Geoengineering Solutions That Might Cause More Damage Than Good Moving on...

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