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Mayor Carter didn’t have $100k for Independence Day fireworks but does have $225k for a “human-powered gliding” competition

Last year, according to Mayor Carter, Saint Paul didn't have "$100,000 to spend blowing up rockets over our city" to commemorate the country's birthday. This year, it has $225,000 available to spend on a “human-powered gliding” competition. That's some turnaround. ...

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Pension Omnibus Bill Increases General Fund Contributions to City of Minneapolis; Makes Bailout to Local Government Fund Permanent

The 2018 bill was supposed to immediately and miraculously drop the unfunded liability by billions while lowering the assumed rate of return and solve the funding crisis “for the next 30 years.” The problem is that lawmakers reached a political compromise, which is what elected officials do, but pensions are a mathematical and actuarial puzzle that is immune to political fixes. ...

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Minnesota has the highest car rental taxes in America

"If you drive a car, I'll tax the street", as The Beatles sang. Minnesotans are already some of most heavily taxed people in America. With state revenues at near record levels and a projected surplus of $1 billion in the next biennium, there is no justification for making their driving more expensive. It might well be a luxury in Gov. Walz' urban electoral heartlands, but try getting by without a car in Greater Minnesota. If 'One Minnesota' doesn't mean this it doesn't mean anything. ...

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Gov. Walz second budget proposal is little better than his first

Gov. Walz' second budget proposal does almost nothing to remedy the problems in the first one. Minnesotans are some of the most heavily taxed citizens in America. At a time when the state government has never had it so good in terms of revenue, it is incomprehensible that they should be forced to pay out even more for new schemes and core functions of the state, such as roads. ...

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