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Taxpayers Push for Vote on City’s Pricey Community Center Plan

One issue won't be on the ballot in the Twin Cities suburb of Andover. It's the mega-bucks proposed expansion to the city's community center. The nearly $19 million price tag has stirred up controversy and calls for a referendum, according to the Star Tribune. The project has split the City Council, which voted 3-2 last month to move forward while directing staffers to cut costs. An $18.9 million project budget would mean a property tax hike of about $113 for owners of a $250,000 house, the median value in town. Some residents point out that would come on top of the tax sting from...

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Is Minnesota introducing taxation without representation?

Under the proposed Minnesota Health Plan, eight people would be appointed to the new Minnesota Health Board by regional health boards. These eight would then appoint another seven people. Together, these fifteen people would have the power to tax you to pay for this plan. And you wouldn't able to vote them out of office. Isn't that taxation without representation? ...

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For our economic health, Minnesota must cut tax burdens

Minnesota's economic growth has been lackluster so far this century. We have a hard-working labor force but low productivity. We need lower taxes that will retain and entice productive workers and incentivize innovation and investment. Only then will working Minnesotans start to see the returns their efforts ought to generate....

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Minneapolis Property Taxes Skyrocket. This is Why We Can’t Have Grumpy Things

Grumpy's, a dive-bar staple in downtown Minneapolis, is closing for good today. The bar has been a mainstay on Washington Ave since it opened in 1999. But a lot has changed in the nearly 20 years since the bar opened. The owner of Grumpy's had this to say about the closure, according to an article in the Star Tribune: “There’s been a thousand paper cuts like a few hundred food trucks roaming downtown daily, property taxes being ten times what they were when we opened, a building in need of overwhelming repair, etc. etc. etc., and it is what it is. We’re...

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