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Entitlement spending is driving federal government debt up to 100% of GDP

The Congressional Budget Office's new Budget and Economic Outlook forecasts federal debt reaching nearly 100% of GDP by 2028. As Brian Riedl explains in an excellent commentary for the Manhattan Institute, this flood of red ink is being driven by out of control federal entitlement spending. ...

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What should lawmakers consider when rewriting tax policy? Five experts give their perspectives

As the Minnesota Legislature prepares to debate the best way to align the state's tax code with recent federal changes in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the Pioneer Press asked five experts, including the Center's economist John Phelan, what they hoped lawmakers would prioritize....

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Recent legislation has been tough on businesses in Minn. border cities

"Incentives do make a difference". So said Governor Mark Dayton recently, discussing what state governments can do to attract investment. And that is particularly the case in the United States, with its different jurisdictions and free travel between them. A stark illustration of incentives and their effects can be found in this letter, sent to InForum by a Moorhead businessman. ...

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