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Hennepin County Commissioner Vows “Pitched Battle” With American Experiment, Threatens to “Punch” Us and “Bowl Us Over”

Peter McLaughlin is a Hennepin County Commissioner and perhaps Minnesota's foremost advocate for wasteful spending on fixed rail transit. He is a member of the Metropolitan Council's Southwest Light Rail Transit Corridor Management Committee, which met on June 28. At that meeting, McLaughlin railed against Center of the American Experiment and our information campaign on transportation in the Twin Cities. (To learn all about it, go to This is McLaughlin speaking: . [audio mp3=""][/audio] . It is noteworthy that McLaughlin challenged not a single fact set forth in our report, "Twin Cities Traffic Congestion: It's No Accident," which you can download at the...

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Road Congestion: It’s All About Politics

Everyone who drives in the Twin Cities knows that traffic is terrible here, but most people don't understand why. This morning I had an op-ed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune that connected the dots. Road congestion isn't a fact of life, like cold winters. Rather, it is the result of bad decisions by politicians: If you think you are spending more time than ever stuck in traffic, you are right. In a new report published by Center of the American Experiment, transportation expert Randal O’Toole lays out the depressing facts: • The number of hours that the average Twin Cities driver wastes...

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