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Join Us On Labor Day at the Minnesota State Fair!

This year, American Experiment will have a highly visible presence at the Minnesota State Fair. We are sponsoring WCCO radio at the fair on Labor Day. We will have sponsor announcements hourly, along with 30-second ads, and we will man a table at the WCCO booth. We will greet visitors and hand out Center publications, including the next issue of Thinking Minnesota and the blockbuster report on Minnesota's economy by Dr. Joseph Kennedy that we will release on August 15. We will also raffle off t-shirts...

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Democrats’ health care law responsible for the turmoil besetting Minnesota’s individual insurance market

The Star Tribune editorial board continues to think ideological blinders are still in fashion.  That’s my main takeaway from their recent editorial on Minnesota’s individual insurance market. The editorial highlights the urgent need to fix a “colossal problem” with Minnesota’s individual insurance market. Colossal, indeed. Since the moment Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations were fully implemented in 2014, Minnesota’s individual insurance market has been under constant assault and, on its current trajectory, will implode sooner than any ACA critics, myself included, predicted. As editorialists, they could not help but call out someone for being responsible for this mess. Who were the lucky recipients...

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High Cost of Doing Business in Minnesota No Deal Breaker for CNBC

There they go again. CNBC just ranked Minnesota as the nation's fourth best state for business in the financial network's 2016 annual rankings. In a state where being above average is an integral part of the folk lore, there's a real temptation to take the ranking to heart. Sure, Minnesota appears in good company, behind Utah, Texas, Colorado and just ahead of North Carolina. Yet it turns out Minnesota's standing rests significantly on two factors that have little directly to do with the business of business--quality of life and education. When it comes to those metrics, Minnesota can hardly be beaten, finishing...

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Last night my wife and I, along with two of our adult daughters, saw the documentary Weiner. The film was shot during Anthony Weiner's campaign in the Democratic primary for mayor of New York. It offers an extraordinary look at a candidate and a campaign in the midst of an implosion. The documentary opens with a clip of Weiner giving a speech in the House. It is a reminder of what a vicious partisan he was. Watching that opening, you might think--as I did--that his downfall couldn't have happened to a more miserable son of a b****. On the other hand,...

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