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Heartless union holds MN public employee captive as she fights cancer

Sue Halloran, a senior account clerk in the business office at Inver Hills Community College, was pulled out of a training session in April 2018 by an AFSCME Council 5 representative who wanted her to join the union. He explained that she had not signed up for union membership, and that all she had to do was sign a dues authorization form on his tablet computer. Feeling rushed and pressured to return to her job training, Sue quickly signed her name and returned to work....

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Union leaders learned the wrong lessons, continue to crack down on public employees’ rights

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus v. AFSCME freed millions of workers from subsidizing government unions’ political agenda. Because public employees were no longer bound to paying their union as a condition of employment, union leadership was expected to try to woo those they represent so the dues money would keep flowing. But union executives learned the wrong lessons from Janus....

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Gov. Walz must restore Minnesota public employees’ First Amendment rights

In a press release the Center sent out earlier this morning, I called on Governor Walz to fulfill his legal obligation as governor by fully restoring public employees’ First Amendment rights in Minnesota. The state is not in compliance with the Supreme Court's decision in Janus v. AFSCME and has made no move to enforce the constitutional rights of union members. ...

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Teacher Opt-Out Window Ends Monday, Know Where the Dues Go

Minnesota educators, don't miss your once-a-year-only opportunity to resign from union membership. If you had to guess what percent of every union dues dollar is going to the local chapter that handles most of the day-to-day representational activities and collective bargaining services, what would you guess? ...

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