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A Day at the U.S. Supreme Court: All Public-Sector Collective Bargaining is Political [Updated With Videos]

There was a loud, wonderful demonstration all morning long on the steps of the Supreme Court. Hundreds of public employees from all over the country came with signs, hats and chants to demand two very different versions of freedom. Which one will prevail? ...

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Challenge to Mandatory Union Fees Could Free All Public Employees From Forced Union Fees

Education Minnesota tactics cited in briefs before the Court The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday heard the long-anticipated case brought by Mark Janus, an Illinois child support specialist who’s asking the Court to end mandatory “agency” or “fair-share” fees. [caption id="attachment_9418" align="alignright" width="227"] Mark Janus[/caption] Center of the American Experiment has joined Cato Institute and the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) in an amicus brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to rule in favor of Mark Janus. The legal theory of the case is that all public-sector collective bargaining is political. Several other briefs before the Court cite an opinion editorial by Kim Crockett...

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American Experiment Heads to DC: First Amendment Challenge Could Free All Public Employees from Forced Unionism

Does anyone really believe that Education Minnesota or AFSCME-5 are spending the bulk of their dues revenues on negotiating contracts? Everything the unions do, from collective bargaining, electioneering and lobbying, is inherently political because it effects taxes, spending and policies made by elected officials. No one should be forced to underwrite that....

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AFSCME’s “Talking Points” Misconstrue Purpose of Janus Case

In exactly one week, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a landmark case that could possibly end mandatory union dues—Janus v. AFSCME. A win for Mark Janus, the plaintiff, would restore a public sector employee’s right to choose for him or herself whether to give money to a union. But government unions are opposed to a pro-plaintiff ruling because they claim it “threatens public workers.” The only things this case “threatens” are government union revenues and influence....

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A Message to St. Paul Teachers On Strike Authorization Vote

St. Paul teachers will vote today whether to authorize a strike over unsettled contract negotiations. The St. Paul Federation of Teachers—the local teachers’ union—scheduled the strike vote after contract talks with the school district stalled. But striking is divisive and hurts not only students and families, but communities and taxpayers, as well. Teachers, as you vote, use your voice and choice to unite us all—not divide. ...

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Ex-Union President Takes on St. Paul Federation of Teachers

The former president of the teachers' union in St. Paul Public Schools has broken ranks with the St. Paul Federation of Teachers' hardline leadership. In a tough rebuke to labor leaders, Ian Keith urged his 4,000 fellow St. Paul educators to join him in rejecting the union's call to approve a strike tomorrow in a Star Tribune op-ed. As a St. Paul teacher and former president of the St. Paul Federation of Teachers, I am opposed to my union's divisive tactics and rhetoric directed at the leadership of our school district and at our businesses and nonprofits in St. Paul. With new...

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Kris Greene goes to Washington to Defend Medicaid Against Union Dues-Skimming: Crockett in NRO

Kris and I indulged by splitting a HUGE apple fritter. Believe me, we walked it off. We wish all our PCAs from Minnesota could have been there. We will keep you posted on the legislation as it progresses. And also the  union decertification led by Kris and other PCAs with help from attorney Doug Seaton in Minnesota. We need both to succeed. ...

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If we care about employee freedom, we should care about Janus

In a little over a month, the Supreme Court is set to hear a momentous case on paying forced dues to public sector unions—Janus v. AFSCME. If the Court rules in favor of the plaintiff, Mark Janus, every government employee across the country will have the right to choose for himself or herself whether to give money to a union. Public sector unions have denounced the case, calling it a “political scheme” and a “threat to public workers.” Most recently, the case was criticized by Marietta English—a vice president for the national labor union American Federation of Teachers (AFT)—in a piece titled “If...

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