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  • Inescapable Reality, Not Victim Blaming

    Posted by Mitch Pearlstein on Sep 03 2019

    Over the course of a recent two-day period (August 30-31), the Star Tribune ran at least four stories or editorials dealing with racial disparities. “Disparities in Maternal Deaths ‘Staggering,’...

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  • Voluntary Pre-K held at 2017 level, but does not target neediest children

    Posted by Kim Crockett on Jun 04 2019

    Minnesota is spending enormous sums of money on education programs for very young children, but the state’s mission is muddled and the results discouraging. Plus, the policy forces private child car...

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  • A Burden Don Fraser Learned to Bear

    Posted by Mitch Pearlstein on Jun 04 2019

    My favorite personal memory of Don Fraser, who died earlier this week at 95. Sometime in the mid-1980s, Don, who was then mayor of Minneapolis, said something about “unsupported women.”  By which...

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  • By Far the Largest Observable Factor

    Posted by Mitch Pearlstein on May 15 2019

    The number of scholars and journalists who write frequently about the effects of family fragmentation in the United States is not large; certainly not as large as the severity of the problem suggests ...

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  • Has Mobility in the United States Really Declined?

    Posted by Mitch Pearlstein on Apr 29 2019

    Drawing on a brilliant book by Berkeley’s Neil Gilbert, I recently (April 25) wrote about how family fragmentation adversely affects economic and social mobility.  But what about perpetual claims t...

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