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  • Price isn’t everything

    Posted by John Phelan on Feb 14 2020

    When weighing between alternatives, whether restaurants for Valentine's Day or health care systems, price isn't the only thing we take into account. ...

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  • A Prosperity Agenda

    Posted by John Hinderaker on Jan 01 2020

    This article originally appeared in the Winter 2020 Issue of Thinking Minnesota, now the second largest magazine in Minnesota. To receive a free trial issue send your name and address to info@ameri...

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  • Elizabeth Warren’s labor proposal would reinstate pilfering from home health care workers

    Posted by Catrin Wigfall on Oct 08 2019

    Despite her pitch to “empower” and “protect” American workers, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren's labor reform proposal would actually work against home health care workers i...

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  • 2019 Legislative Recap

    Posted by Katie Fulkerson on Jun 07 2019

    Center of the American Experiment pushed back against far-left policies like the 100% green energy mandate, 70% gas tax hike, and 9% increase in the state budget. Conservative legislators stopped the ...

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  • How to Save BIG $$$ on Prescriptions

    Posted by Peter Zeller on May 30 2019

    I believe this is the first American Experiment post that could lead to immediate and direct savings to your family’s budget.  I only ask that, if you do experience significant savings, you remembe...

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AEI Forum: Getting Beyond Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance (1:50:24)

Peter Nelson joins a panel of experts to examines the potential and limits for insurance coverage innovations such as private exchanges, defined contribution payments, and corporate purchaser allianc...