In North Minneapolis, people have issues with Police conduct, but they also distrust efforts to defund the police

Since the discussion started regarding police reform, Minneapolis has faced an increase in crime. This crime has however been concentrated in specific areas. For instance, “the Police Department’s 4th Precinct, which covers North Minneapolis, has seen more murders and violent crimes this year than any other precinct in the city“.

Residents of this area are worried regarding the city’s decision to defund the police, and for a good reason. Residents have expressed concern over what would likely happen if the police were defunded. The residents, even though they have issues with the police, they do not completely trust the idea to defund the Minneapolis Police Department.

Most residents do not support defunding the police

In June the Minneapolis City Council voted to defund the police. But to date, most people are still confused as to what that would mean for the city of Minneapolis. But regardless, most businesses support much more gradual, practical reforms. They do not support the one-time overhaul of the policing system that is being described by the “defund the police Movement”.

However, regardless of this, the Minneapolis city council has set in motion a plan to defund the police. And according to the city council President, the Minneapolis city council is “committed to dismantling policing as we know it in the city of Minneapolis and to rebuild with our community a new model of public safety that actually keeps our community safe“. By this standard, it would potentially mean fewer police officers on the street, as more money is being diverted to social services and crime prevention initiatives.

For most residents defunding the police is a no-win situation

Most residents in North Minneapolis are not in full support of the defund the police movement because of what it would mean for their areas

Minneapolis’ North Side, with a majority Black population, has decidedly mixed opinions on the City Council’s effort, following the police killing of George Floyd, to significantly reduce the size and scope of Minneapolis’ police force.

Residents complain of rampant police mistreatment but also of out-of-control crime and violence. That reality has left many Black residents here unenthusiastic about what has become known as the defund movement. Adding complexity to the debate, they say that they despise police but need someone to call when things go awry.

Most residents want reform

Even though people do not trust the police, they realize efforts to defund the police will bring more disaster to these crime-ridden areas. Reforming the Police,  is therefore the best way to go.

Most North Side residents say they hope for major reforms, including requiring officers to live in their community and better training them to interact with residents.


Though skeptics say that decades of reforms have failed to create fundamental change, some residents said they had faith that Floyd’s death, and the outrage it has prompted, could make this time different.