Left-Wing Vandalism Ramping up in Minneapolis

Days after Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar—who is currently running to replace U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison in Minnesota’s 5th district—came out in support of the “abolish ICE” movement, at least one resident has taken it upon themselves to renovate the sidewalks of Minneapolis by pledging their additional support.

Left-wing vandalism branding “abolish ICE,” the popular slogan “not my pres,” and a profane four-letter reference about President Trump have appeared along 26th St. between Lyndale Ave. and Blaisdell Ave.

Rep. Omar represents one out of a growing number of Democrats who have recently pledged their support for abolishing the nation’s second-largest law enforcement agency, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Calls to abolish ICE came after continued unrest over how illegal immigrants and their families were being processed at the border, even though ICE has nothing to do with this process (that is handled by border patrol).

Regardless of the incoherency of the movement, the “abolish ICE” vandalism happened days after Rep. Omar’s support was made public in the same district she seeks to win—a testament to how political voices are influential.

Hopefully, Minnesota can resist any further escalation of political tension brought on by political agitators seeking to cause unrest.

But even if this movement does find a home in one of Minnesota’s districts, national polls suggest that the “abolish ICE” movement will only hurt those advocating for it.

Figure 1: Taken along the sidewalk on 26th St.


Figure 2: Appeared right on the crosswalk at Lyndale Ave. and 26th St.


Figure 3: Just feet from the crosswalk at Lyndale and 26th.


Figure 4: On the opposite side from Figure 3.


Photos taken by Mitchell Rolling and Andrew Scattergood, interns at Center of the American Experiment.