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Nuclear War Would Be Bad For the Climate

One of the sillier measures that have been introduced in the current legislative session is S.F. 84, offered by DFL Senators Dibble, Marty, Pappas and Rest. The measure is a resolution intended, ostensibly, to prevent nuclear war. Nuclear war would be bad, of course: millions would be killed. But in today’s liberal world, that apparently is not enough. The resolution focuses on nuclear war’s impact on the environment.

The resolution recites that nuclear war “would cause worldwide climate disruption and global famine,” and would “[drop] temperatures across the planet to levels not seen since the last ice age,” possibly causing the human race to become extinct. Climate change, according to the resolution, is both a cause and effect of nuclear war:

[A]s the effects of climate change place increased stress on communities around the world and intensify the likelihood of conflict, the danger of nuclear war will grow…

Actually, armed conflict has been declining around the world, not increasing.

The sponsors of the resolution want the U.S. to sign on to the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which, as the treaty repeatedly recites, is “legally binding.” So we can be sure that no country would cheat. Countries bent on world domination never do anything illegal.

Beyond that, the resolution’s authors seem to think that President Trump is likely to start a nuclear war. Thus, it calls on the President and Congress to “[renounce] the option of using nuclear weapons first,” and “[end] the president’s sole, unchecked authority to launch a nuclear attack.” It is true that President Trump has stood up to the Russians and Chinese in a manner that his predecessor did not do, but he has shown no proclivity to bomb them. Similarly, his plan to withdraw American troops from Syria and Afghanistan does not suggest that he is a warmonger.

Mostly, though, the issues of nuclear weapons and nuclear warfare are outside the competence and authority of Minnesota’s legislature. Why are senators wasting their time on useless virtue-signaling, when we can’t even get tax conformity enacted?




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