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  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 17, Fall 2019

    Eibensteiner: How can we help young people become independent, analytical thinkers? | Mail Bag | Orr: Why do the MN Conservative Energy Forum and Fresh Energy have the same liberal funders? | The huge, hidden costs of Xcel’s plans to shutter its coal plants | Third grade parent Jill McColley’s chaotic year at Ramsey Elementary | Aaron Benner gets $525,000 settlement from St. Paul Schools | MN student performance continues to drop | Isaac Orr challenges Rep. Jamie Long to renewable energy debate | CAE at Farmfest and other events in Greater MN | CAE joins effort to limit power of labor unions | Zeller: Creating value doesn’t hurt the poor, it makes everyone richer | MN schools spent $1.5 million in government money to lobby for more government money | Upper Midwest Law Center seeks info on Bloomberg buying attorneys in AG Ellison’s office | Cover: The Masquerade of Good Government: A decade of inept decison-making in St. Paul has produces a pile of scandals and epic policy disasters | Phelan: Will progressives learn the lesson of Prohibition? | Poll: Minnesotans aren’t particularly disburbed by how badly their state functions | Kersten: Minnesota’s Left wants to replace our traditional self-understanding as the land of freedom and opportunity with a vision of America as an illegitimate nation that advanced by trampling on victim groups | Wigfall: Public employee unions hide behind bureaucratic minutiae to prevent dissatisfied ‘members’ from leaving | Hinderaker interview with WSJ columnist Kim Strassel on how the Left is undermining America’s standards, norms and values | Hinderaker: The Washington Post’s gratuitous smear of Katherine Kersten

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 16, Summer 2019

    Eibensteiner: Is Canada our future? | CAE Annual Dinner: Candace Owens wows over 900 | Phelan: Fewer Minnesota teens are working | Win for home health workers: Trump ends medicaid dues skimming | Mail Bag: Edina schools piece feedback | Steward: Amtrak line to Duluth is a gravy train | Orr: Will Affordable Clean Energy rule help Minnesota? | CAE Great Jobs project releasing new videos | Phelan: Energy industry should focus on producing energy, not jobs | CAE 2019 Legislative Recap | Steward: Minnesota’s pollution agency throws cold water on summer amusements | CAE Fall Briefing Oct. 7 with Kim Strassel | How St. Paul Schools attacked a black teacher in the name of racial equity | Cover: The War on Greater Minnesota | Thinking Minnesota Poll: the view from Greater Minnesota | Catrin Wigfall: Tyranny of the 10 year olds | Heather Mac Donald Interview: The Diversity Delusion | Phelan: The Righteous Losers: How liberals blame everyone but themselves | Hinderaker: CAE’s impressive impact on the 2019 legislative session

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 15, Spring 2019

    Eibensteiner: We need real-world teaching tools to combat easy-answer policy solutions | Mail Bag | Education Roads Less Traveled: Pearlstein’s latest book attacks the root causes of America’s skills gap | Crockett: The state of employee freedom in Minnesota | Crockett: Child care welfare fraud | Steward: The high cost of free money for Silver Bay’s airport | Thorman: Where do teachers’ union dues go? | Center adds four new staff | Crockett: Achievement gap is not a rationale for universal pre-K | Interview with Rochester conservative activist Fran Bradley | Kersten: Can Edina’s schools be saved? | Cover: A Tale of Two Tims: It did not take long for Gov. Walz to lurch left from the policies endorsed by Candidate Walz | Phelan: Why Nigel Farage deserves your attention | Thinking Minnesota Poll: Few Minnesotans have an appetitie for the Walz agenda | Orr: How a 50% renewable energy mandate would cost Minnesota $80 billion | Kersten: False Feminism: How we got from sexual liberation to #MeToo | Hinderaker: Capitol Watch: New Center newsletter calls out politicians who waste the Legislature’s time and taxpayers money

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 14, Winter 2019

    Eibensteiner: Center’s Greater Minnesota Advisory Board & New Minnesota Law Center | Mail Bag | Minnesota doesn’t need higher gas taxes | Anti-mining group wrong about Minnesota’s mineral wealth | Jacob Frey’s tent city policy must be judged on results, not its intentions | Dayton’s economic policies were abysmal | Failed plan to deliver internet to rural Minnesota cost taxpayers | Manufactures seek long-term solutions to growing skills gap | Wisconsin wind farm decommissioned after just 20 years | The coming ‘transit apocalypse’ | Minnesota roads score D+ | Jeremy Tedesco: Freedom, diversity on the line in filmmakers’ case before court | Science teacher Linda Hoekman told to address her unconscious white bias | Andrew Cilek: Minnesota officials undermine election integrity | Thinking Minnesota Poll: The politics of beer | Court greenlights plan to sort metro-area students on basis of skin color | Interview with pollster Scott Rasmussen | Beneath the surface, Minnesota’s economy shows inherent weaknesses | Cover: How deregulation and tax cuts enabled craft brewers to thrive | Hinderaker: Neutralizing the scourge of identity politics

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 13, Fall 2018

    Eibernsteiner: Center builds long-term defense against silliness | Mail Bag | Hinderaker testifies to Congress on benefits of tax cut | Phelan: Minnesota losing the economic border battle with Wisconsin | Thorman: Minneapolis’s delusional thinking on bike lanes | Center’s Minnesota mining campaign features TV commercial with Kevin McHale | Crockett: What teachers must do to get refund from Education Minnesota | Rebekah Hagstrom: An educator’s response to violence in our schools | Interview with Shannon Full of TwinWest Chamber | Unions try to disrupt Center employee freedom event | 7 Ideas that will transform Minnesota’s economy | Thinking Minnesota Poll results | Kersten: Minnesota’s Dept. of Human Rights forcing race-based discipline quotas statewide | Hinderaker interview with Alan Dershowitz | Crockett: New affirmative consent ruling will help end forced unionism | Hinderaker: Our new poll shows Minnesotans aren’t as liberal as many think

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 12, Summer 2018

    Eibensteiner: Edina schools mess | CAE NAE Billboards | Candace Owens Forum | Isaac Orr: Solar expensive & unecessary | Crockett: Welfare fraud in MN | Steward: Expensive gov’t racial equity program | Traffic billboard campaign | Phelan: MN economic growth lags Wisconsin | Isaac Orr: Minneapolis’ bogus renewable energy pledge | Scott Peterson addresses labor shortage | Fritz Corrigan: Mosaic’s departure send business climate message | Interview with Crystal Mayor Jim Adams | CAE hires Bobby Benson as Greater Minnesota Coordinator | Cover: Unearthing Prosperity Through Mining | Thinking Minnesota Poll | Phelan: Real Legacy of 1968| Crockett & Thorman: BIG Janus victory on union fees | Thorman: What Minneapolis schools could learn from New Orleans | Hinderaker interview of Tucker Carlson | Hinderaker: How mining can add $3.7B annually to MN economy

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 11, Spring 2018

    Ron Eibensteiner: This is not your grandpa’s think tank | Educated Teachers MN | Mail Bag | Backlash against wind farms | MN Auditor criticizes DEED | Edina parents confront their school board | Blaine homeowners reject ‘green neighborhood’ | Phelen shares economic reality with Legislature | John Phelan: Mining is vital to Minnesota’s economy | Pearlstein: Movement to create ‘marriage champions’ | Madison Faupel fights for freedom at U of MN | 5 questions with Aaron Benner | CAE Hires Isaac Orr | The Vanishing Minnesota Worker | TM Poll on value of tech school education | Crockett: Janus v. AFSCME | Phelan: Why Minnesota should pull the plug on the death tax | Stephen Moore on Trumponomics | Hinderaker: Thinking Minnesota Poll debuts

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 10, Winter 2018

    Eibensteiner: Debate? Not Likely | Peter Nelson takes job in Trump Administration | Mark Steyn speaks to crowd of 1,000 | Steward: Maplewood dismantles its solar project | Crockett: Minnesota’s unfunded pension liabilities exceed $118 billlion | Kersten testifies against race-based discipline policies in St. Paul schools | Unions smell defeat | Pearlstein: Thanks for the well-done roast | Poem: Mitch at the Bat | Advice for young conservatives | Star Parker’s indictment of liberal policy-making | Lynn Shelton: Proven value of manufacturing careers | Center launches planned giving program | New Center Greater Minnesota outreach project | Inside the obsession with ‘White Privilege’ that is roiling Edina’s public schools | Phelan: Minnesota is NOT the ‘blue state that works’ | Jon Lauck: No region has suffered more from historical neglect than the Midwest | Hinderaker: Center finishes unprecedented year!

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 9, Fall 2017

    Eibensteiner: E is for Education | Crockett: Met Council admits it has not won the light rail argument | Nelson: Landmark legal victory forces St. Paul to come clean about fees | Steward: Rothman’s baseless lawsuits at Commerce | Liberal narrative on border battle with WI upended | $15 minimum wage champion Ellison doesn’t pay his interns | Education Minnesota hides its ‘opt out’ provision | Pearlstein: The virtues of religious community | Lunch forum with poverty fighter Star Parker Nov. 7th | Meet CAE’s impressive summer interns | Dan Juntunen: Leaders should focus on preparing people to fill jobs that already exist | Kirsten Kukowski returns to Minnesota from DC | Meet Pari Cariaga, Center’s new event and donor relations coordinator | Nelson: Minnesota’s string of IT disasters | Kersten: Gold in a two-year degree | Phelan: Understanding economic incentives | Hinderaker: Preview of CAE’s agressive new initiatives

  • Thinking Minnesota: Issue 8, Summer 2017

    American freedoms | EdFacts | Government’s war on commuters | MN demographic challenge | Dayton’s rich-vs.-the-rest fallacy | House looks at SEIU home worker contract | Tom Cotton headlines CAE dinner | CAE’s newest video: Parents basement | Men without work | Pearlstein on school choice | John Phelan, CAE first staff economist | State of MN Agriculture | 7 things the legislature still needs to do | Interview with exonerated CEO Howard Root | CAE’s Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree Project | Hinderaker on complacency