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Statement from Energy Policy Fellow Isaac Orr Regarding Boswell Energy going “coal free.”

Background: Minnesota Power announced they will be closing or converting the Boswell Energy Center's remaining units in Cohasset to be “coal free” by 2035. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) data show Boswell is one of the lowest-cost electricity sources in the state, generating electricity for less than $32 per megawatt-hour in 2018. "Closing or converting Boswell and building a combination of wind, solar, and natural gas will increase electricity prices for families, businesses, and large industrial consumers." "Boswell is essential to providing Minnesota's iron mines and paper mills with the affordable, reliable energy they need. Losing the plant puts those industries and...

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Coal Creek’s closing means energy will come at a higher cost

Great River Energy announced today it would be closing the Coal Creek Station, a large power plant in North Dakota, by the second half of 2022, decades before the end of its useful life. The company plans to replace this plant with wind turbines, and electricity purchased from other electricity providers when the wind is not blowing. In response, Center of the American Experiment policy fellow Isaac Orr released the following statement: "Great River Energy's decision to shutter its Coal Creek power plant will have devastating consequences for the families and businesses that depend upon the reliable, affordable electricity generated from this plant. "Coal Creek...

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Earth Day is an opportunity to celebrate America’s clean air, environment

In celebration of Earth Day, Isaac Orr, policy fellow at Center of the American Experiment, released the following statement: “This Earth Day, Americans can celebrate the tremendous progress we've made to create a clean, healthy, environment for our families. Since 1970, U.S. pollution levels have plummeted by 74%, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. In Minnesota, 100% of the state meets or exceeds the EPA’s strict air quality standards. Thanks in large part to modern pollution control technology, the nation’s environmental outlook is excellent.” ...

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Minnesota Senate takes a stand against Walz’s proposed California car mandates

Today the Minnesota Senate's State Government Finance and Policy and Elections Committee passed S.F. 3496, which would prevent the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency from copying regulations enacted by the California Air Resources Board in order to impose California's car mandates on Minnesotans. Isaac Orr released the following statement: "Minnesota families will incur significant costs for no measurable environmental benefit if California car mandates go into effect. The Senate bill sends a message to Governor Walz that Minnesotans just want to be left alone to make their own choices, and he should stop attempting to circumvent the people’s elected representatives to push his radical...

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Minnesota House energy committee passes Green New Deal-inspired legislation

This week the Minnesota House’s Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Division passed H.F. 1405, the Clean Energy First Act. The bill’s companion in the Senate, S.F. 1456, passed in committee last week. While both bills are titled Clean Energy First, the Senate version is much more pragmatic in its approach, as it attempts to keep costs manageable for Minnesota businesses, something H.F. 1405 does not pretend to do. Isaac Orr released the following statement: “The Minnesota House’s version of Clean Energy First is essentially the Green New Deal. It is unserious legislation that has no protections for ratepayers and will cause electricity...

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Clean Energy First Act will increase electricity costs for Minnesotans

This week the Minnesota Senate’s Energy and Utilities Finance and Policy Committee passed S.F. 1456, billed as the Clean Energy First Act. Isaac Orr, policy fellow at Center of the American Experiment, previously testified against provisions in the bill that will lead to higher electricity costs for Minnesota families. Orr released the following statement: “Residential electric bills have reached new all-time highs in Minnesota, and this record will continue to be broken if the Clean Energy First Act becomes the law of the land. The bill paves the way for more unreliable, expensive forms of energy like wind turbines and solar installations, the key reason electricity prices...

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Isaac Orr challenges Rep. Jamie Long to debate impact of renewable energy mandates

Center of the American Experiment’s energy policy expert Isaac Orr has challenged Rep. Jamie Long to participate in a public debate on the impact of renewable energy mandates on Minnesota. Internal documents recently revealed that Rep. Long was hired by the University of Minnesota to rebut Orr’s groundbreaking new research, which concluded that a 50% renewable energy mandate would significantly increase the cost of energy in Minnesota and destroy jobs but have no measurable impact on the global climate. Orr provided expert testimony on his research before the Minnesota House’s Energy and Climate Finance and Policy Division, of which Rep. Long is the vice chair, yet...

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Twin Metals Minnesota Announces Most Environmentally Friendly Mine in Minnesota History

Twin Metals Minnesota (TMM) announced today they will take extraordinary measures to protect Minnesota’s water resources at their planned copper-nickel mine in Northern Minnesota by using a method called dry stack tailings storage, which is often touted by environmental groups as the best way to store waste rock left over from the mining process. Isaac Orr, policy fellow at Center of the American Experiment, released the following statement: “This approach will make the Twin Metals mine the most environmentally friendly mine in the history of our state. It’s further proof we can protect Minnesota’s pristine environment while growing a strong mining economy....

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Trump’s new Affordable Clean Energy Rule a common-sense replacement for Clean Power Plan stayed by Supreme Court

(St. Paul, MN) – The Trump Administration released its finalized Affordable Clean Energy Rule (ACE) to replace the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. Isaac Orr, Policy Fellow at Center of the American Experiment, released the following statement in response:   “The Trump Administration should be applauded for finalizing the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, a common-sense reform which correctly scales back the EPA overreach that occurred under the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan (CPP). This overreach is why the Supreme Court took the unprecedented step to stay the Clean Power Plan before it was ever implemented.   “According to research published by American Experiment, Minnesota would save $7.4 billion dollars, compared to 2018 costs,...

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