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Center of the American Experiment releases Minnesota state government scandal tracker

After yesterday’s announcement that taxpayers are on the hook for another $23 million due to the Department of Human Service’s continued mismanagement of public funds, Center of the American Experiment released a comprehensive list of state government failures in recent years, dating back to the failed MNsure rollout of 2013. The aptly named scandal tracker describes nearly fifty state government failures in one sentence each, lists them by date, and categorizes them as examples of mismanagement, cronyism/corruption, IT failures, or data breaches. State Government Scandal Tracker The scandal tracker is an extension of the recent Thinking Minnesota magazine cover story The Masquerade...

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Are Minnesota Taxpayers Being Taken for a Ride by Amtrak?

Most Minnesotans have likely never heard of the proposed $550 million Northern Lights Express (NLX) passenger rail line from the Twin Cities to Duluth-Superior. Yet MnDOT has been quietly laying the groundwork for the line for years with a series of engineering and environmental studies. Meantime, Gov. Walz has prioritized the project, requesting $15 million from the legislature to keep NLX on track. If NLX becomes a reality, MnDOT has made it clear that Amtrak would operate the 152-mile line on behalf of the state. In recent weeks Amtrak officials have surfaced in meetings with elected officials in Duluth-Superior and the...

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Taxpayers on the Hook for City’s $195,000 Rebranding Campaign

Apparently, the city of  Burnsville has an image problem. Or is it a branding problem? The agency with the winning bid to redefine the aging suburb puts it this way. It seems that Burnsville, like many other suburbs of major metropolitan areas, struggle with their brand. Who are we? Where did we come from? What makes Burnsville, Burnsville? It's going to cost local taxpayers up to $195,000 this year to figure it out, more in the long run. That's how much residents will be billed for AE2S Communications, the Grand Forks agency just selected for the project, to rebrand and market Burnsville...

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