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Multiple choice question: Why should Minnesota reject Gov. Walz’s call for increased taxes in 2021?

A.  A scholarly report from Center of the American Experiment points out we are already the 5th highest taxed state, tax increases won’t produce revenue increases, and tax hikes will depress economic growth. B.  The January Thinking Minnesota poll found only 19% of Minnesotans favor raising taxes to address the budget deficit. C.  Minnesota is already spending more per capita than at any time in history and we have a $2.4 billion rainy day fund. D.  ALL OF THE ABOVE! The correct answer is D — ALL OF THE ABOVE. “Minnesotans are united in their opposition to new tax increases with a clear message to...

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New poll shows Minnesotans prefer spending cuts to tax increases for solving budget deficit

According to January’s Thinking Minnesota poll, Minnesotans by wide margins are telling the Minnesota legislature to cut spending rather than raise taxes to deal with the $1.3 billion projected budget deficit. When asked their opinion about the best way to address the budget shortfall, a commanding 63 percent said to “cut spending” while only nineteen percent said to “raise taxes.” Minnesotans are even more steadfast against legislators enacting new spending programs that require accompanying tax hikes, by 71-22 percent. “In a year characterized by government-ordered shutdowns and challenging times in many sectors of the economy, a large majority believe that government,...

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Politicians should not use the budget deficit as an excuse to increase taxes

In response to Minnesota Management and Budget’s deficit projection, Center of the American Experiment economist John Phelan released the following statement: “Politicians should not use the budget deficit as an excuse to increase taxes, especially during an employment crisis that rivals the Great Depression. Minnesotans are already some of the most heavily taxed citizens in America, and it is not just the rich who are taxed heavily: Our lowest income tax rate of 5.35% is higher than the highest tax bracket in 25 states. “Furthermore, state spending has increased so drastically in recent years that budget cuts are overdue. If we spent...

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Minnesotans narrowly escape gas tax increase, avoid yet another nation-leading high tax rate

(St. Paul, MN) – John Phelan, Economist at Center of the American Experiment, released the following statement in response to the two-year budget deal announced by Gov. Walz and legislative leaders: "Minnesotans spoke out strong and loud against Gov. Walz's proposed 70% gas tax increase, and narrowly escaped it thanks to conservatives at the legislature. The gas tax may be the only reasonable tax rate Minnesota has left. Our income tax, estate tax, and corporate tax rates are sky-high compared to other states.  "Gasoline is a vital input into a wide range of economic activity, from manufacturing to services. An increase in the cost of fuel would...

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Highway billboards encourage drivers to voice opposition to Gov. Walz’s proposed gas tax increase

Center of the American Experiment launched a billboard blitz this week encouraging drivers to “say no to a 70% gas tax increase” by emailing Gov. Walz via the website NoNewGasTaxes.com. Six billboards went up along major interstate highways in the Twin Cities metro area as lawmakers begin final negotiations on the state’s next two-year budget, two weeks before the legislative deadline....

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