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Email Gov. Walz to say you oppose his 70% gas tax increase!

As a carpenter that carries hundreds of tools in a truck, all needed to do my work, I will be forced to increase my prices to offset your proposed new expense for my business. You just raised the price of home repairs! This only harms the end consumer! Thats us, the little guys.


This gas tax increase will especially hurt those of use who live in Wright County but drive to the metro everyday to work.


We can’t afford a gas tax increase. We already pay SO much in taxes overall. MN is a very high tax state, don’t make it worse. My husband and I live on a very small income and this gas tax raise you are proposing would really hurt us.

Brooklyn Park

Gas Tax Facts


Minnesotans already pay $0.28/gallon in state taxes at the pump, and increasing that to $0.48/gallon would make our gas tax among the highest in the country.

We don’t need new taxes to fix roads and bridges. Over the next two years, $8.12 billion of existing tax revenue will be dedicated to transportation in Minnesota.

Increasing the gas tax is extremely unpopular. Only 35% of Minnesotans approve of the plan pushed by Governor Walz.

MNDOT already has a backlog of $2.8 billion tax dollars waiting to be spent on roads and bridges.

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