$1,300 To Take A Class in Eco-Feminism? No Wonder Gen Z Is Opting for Trade School Instead of College

Apparently, the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth has an online “ecofeminism” course in which students can learn about topics like “the oppression of nature.” The course costs nearly $1,300 for three course credits, but it is unclear how this course will equip students who take it with the real-world skills needed to compete in an increasingly global and specialized economy.

It is no wonder Generation Z is skipping college in droves.

Liberal Arts universities are becoming increasingly divorced from the things that made them useful in the first place. For most young people, education is not an end in and of itself. The point of going to school is to learn skills that will help you get a better job when you graduate.

Now that younger generations have seen Millennials go to college for things like English, Gender Studies, and Philosophy, only to end up working as baristas and bartenders, they’ve opted to forego the massive cost of a four year degree in favor of pursuing educational opportunities that have a more direct path to getting a good job upon graduation.

This is a market correction, and it is a positive development. Four-year schools will have to adjust to the changing perception that they are increasingly impractical and simply not worth the large price tag associated with the degree.