Let’s make a difference together so we can continue to make Minnesota a better place.

Our successes are possible because of you. Below are some of our current action items. With your involvement, we can make positive changes.

Take Action in the following ways:

Save Our Sherco!

Minnesota is at risk of rolling blackouts because power companies on the regional grid have shut down too many reliable coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants and attempted to replace them with unreliable wind and solar. Closing down the Sherco plant will also be devastating to surround community and its families who depend upon the high-paying union jobs to put food on their tables.

It’s Official: Minnesota is Now a High Crime State

We are now above the national average when it comes to Part 1 crimes like murder, assault, rape and carjackings. Sign the petition to end this utter lawlessness!

No Gas Station Inflation

Gas is already $4 and now Gov. Walz wants to make it even more expensive by adopting California’s crazy fuel standards. Say no to gas station inflation!

It’s Our Surplus: Give It Back!

Minnesota has the largest budget surplus in state history — $9.3 billion dollars! It’s time to GIVE IT BACK!

Raise Our Standards!

The third and final draft of social studies standards has been submitted for rulemaking, and if adopted, these standards will undermine what our students learn in K-12 classrooms for the next 10 years.

Urge MN Sentencing Guidelines Commission to Vote NO on Weakening Felony Sentences

On December 16, 2021, the Sentencing Guidelines Commission will vote on a proposal to eliminate custody status points from consideration for felony sentences. The Commission believes criminals should not be given stronger sentences if they commit more crimes while on probation or parole, or even if they’ve escaped custody. That will mean lower sentences for criminals who commit murder, rape, assault, robbery and felony DWI! Worse yet, sex offenders currently receive double points for their custody status, so eliminating this part of the grid will disproportionally benefit the worst criminals in our system.

Say No to CA Cars

Send a letter to Gov. Walz: California bureaucrats shouldn’t decide what kind of cars Minnesotans can drive. Don’t let Walz turn Minnesota into California.