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No Sanctuary State!

As a sanctuary state, Minnesota will become a magnet for illegal immigration. We can be welcoming, but every functioning society needs limits.

Education Minnesota Hurts Student Progress

FACT: Education Minnesota is the state’s largest teacher union. FACT: Education Minnesota has stood in the way of every important education reform in state history. FACT: Education Minnesota claims to support kids, but they block every attempt to improve the system to benefit kids.

Be Worthy, Minnesota

As Minnesota mourns the loss of two Burnsville police officers and one Burnsville firefighter/paramedic, we remember the words of North Dakota Attorney General Drew Wrigley last July: “Be worthy. Be worthy of what all these men and women do.”

Say No to Gas Station Inflation!

Gov. Tim Walz and his allies in the legislature are proposing a new stealth gas tax that will be worse than California’s crazy fuel standards.

Stop the Dig!

Minnesota doesn’t need another palace for politicians. Sign the petition and tell your representative to stop the dig on the $729 million State Office Building!

What is Ethnic Studies?

Minnesota’s “ethnic studies” requirement sounds great, but it’s a classic bait-and-switch. All it does is divide kids by race and force a radical political agenda on our schools.

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