Let’s make a difference together so we can continue to make Minnesota a better place.

Our successes are possible because of you. Below are some of our current action items. With your involvement, we can make positive changes.

Take Action in the following ways:

Support REAL School Choice

Education Minnesota claims to support kids, but they block every attempt to improve the system. The teachers’ union hurts student progress!

Vote NO on the Blackout Bill

Liberal lawmakers in St. Paul are rushing through an extreme 100% carbon free mandate that will increase electricity bills and cause deadly blackouts. Tell your legislator to vote NO!

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It’s Our Surplus: Give It Back!

Minnesota has the largest budget surplus in state history — It was $7.6 billion then $9.3 billion…now it’s $17.6 billion!!! It’s time to GIVE IT BACK!

Find My Legislator!

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Save Our Sherco!

Minnesota is at risk of rolling blackouts because power companies on the regional grid have shut down too many reliable coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants and attempted to replace them with unreliable wind and solar. Closing down the Sherco plant will also be devastating to surround community and its families who depend upon the high-paying union jobs to put food on their tables.

It’s Official: Minnesota is Now a High Crime State

We are now above the national average when it comes to Part 1 crimes like murder, assault, rape and carjackings. Sign the petition to end this utter lawlessness!

Raise Our Standards!

The third and final draft of social studies standards has been submitted for rulemaking, and if adopted, these standards will undermine what our students learn in K-12 classrooms for the next 10 years.