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Candace Owens Wowed a Center Crowd of 550. Watch Her Speech Here!

We loved the way she thinks way before Kanye West, and we certainly love her more after Candace Owens inspired a crowd of 550 at another Center lunch forum. The Kanye, and now Presidential-approved Owens spent her first trip to Minnesota with American Experiment sharing her thoughts on the state of culture, politics, and, of course, that now infamous tweet.

Candace described the moment she first heard that Kanye’s words rocked the world and changed her life:


So why did seven words shatter the internet and the relationship between pop culture and politics? According to Candace, it’s the Left’s use of Hollywood icons:


But it’s beyond Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Cultural movements, like Black Lives Matter, are increasingly used to turn people, particularly persons of color and other minorities, into single-issue voters:


Candace is leading a powerful change in our society. She represents, and encourages, a shift from a victim to a victor mentality:


After her speech, which brought the audience to their feet, Candace shook hands and took selfies for well over an hour. Perhaps my favorite part of the day was introducing her to the over 70 students who attended the forum. At one point we were in an elevator with a group of high schoolers. When the students recognized who they were standing in such close proximity to, they grew quiet. You could tell they were star struck. Candace, in her warm, friendly way, gave a big wave and said, “Hi guys!” before engaging the kids in conversation for the remainder of the elevator ride.

In case you missed the event, or want to see it again, you can see her full speech here. Thank you, Candace, for such a memorable day!




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