22 out of the 30 in-demand MN jobs don’t require college degree

Nearly three-quarters (22) of the top 30 Minnesota jobs currently in demand don’t require an associate or bachelor’s degree, according to a Fox 9 report, listing a high school diploma or an equivalent as the minimum education requirement. “Some positions may require additional training, but in many cases training happens on the job.” Only five of the top 30 listings require a bachelor’s degree.

Along with minimum education requirements, the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development’s list of top jobs in demand right now also includes wage and daily work activity information and job searches to connect Minnesotans to the open positions. A printable PDF listing the top 30 jobs can be viewed here.

Some of the in-demand positions include registered nurses, nursing assistants, personal care aids, and truck drivers, which are several of the same positions highlighted in the Center’s 2017 report “No Four-Year Degree Required.” The report, part of the Center’s Great Jobs Without a Four-Year Degree project, reveals that Minnesotans in many of these non-four-year-degree careers can expect median lifetime earnings 11 percent to 61 precent higher than those of four-year college graduates. For example, registered nurses can expect median lifetime earnings of over $2.5 million, compared to roughly $1.7 million in net cumulative earnings of four-year degree holders.

Listen to Dominique discuss her journey into the health care industry below.