7,500+ Minnesotans tell Walz: Let us work!

For the past couple of weeks, American Experiment staffers’ inboxes have been flooded with Minnesotans telling us how Governor Walz’s stay-home order has destroyed their finances, hurt their mental health, delayed important medical procedures, closed their businesses, torn apart families, and more.

Many of these folks were willing to give state leaders the benefit of the doubt and get on board with the administration’s goal to “flatten the curve.” But when weeks turned into months, the individual toll on their livelihoods and families became too much to bear.

We couldn’t stand by without giving these Minnesotans a platform to speak. Here are their stories:

What started as an attempt to share these heartbreaking stories quickly evolved into a multi-faceted campaign to reopen Minnesota and put our families back to work.

In just one week, over 7,500+ Minnesotans have written 22,000 emails to Governor Walz and legislators asking them to trust us.

We can protect ourselves and others, and earn a living at the same time. It’s the government’s job to provide citizens, businesses, and workers with the necessary tools and guidelines to allow us to safely get back to work, not to lock people in their homes indefinitely. Our families and communities depend on us!

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