A bright spot for MN conservatives: Local school board elections

The lone bright spot for conservatives in Minnesota elections looks to be parent-backed candidates for school board. According to the Minnesota Parents Alliance, more than 50 conservative candidates won election last night, overcoming the negative national and statewide political environment.

The MPA was founded earlier this year and endorsed 123 candidates for school board. Fifty of those candidates won election to their local school board. Twenty-two out of 38 candidates who attended one of the MPA campaign schools won their elections. MPA also targeted 19 school districts with some campaign spending and won seats in 15 of the targeted districts. In 12 of those districts, an MPA-backed candidate received the top number of votes.

A few other conservative slates of candidates won election with more limited help from MPA including Sartell, Mahtomedi and Delano.

There was obviously something going on in these districts for conservative school board candidates to win even though Republicans above them on the ticket were losing. Parent and taxpayer frustration over how local schools are operating caused voters to do their homework about who was running for local office, and the MPA voter guide proved to be a valuable resource.

MPA Executive Director Cristine Trooien had this to say about the victories:

“Parent-backed candidates cut through all of the noise in this election and won support from voters because they talked about the important issues — academic achievement, equality and parental rights. Minnesota public schools will be better and more responsive because these candidates stepped forward to serve. We are thrilled with our success in year one and look forward to making an even bigger impact in 2023.”

The parent movement that started in Virginia and continued in Florida earlier this year is alive and well in Minnesota.