‘A force for good in our city’

The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) has too often been dismissed as hopelessly flawed and in need of “radical change.” City leaders have not only failed to support their police but have actively tried to eliminate them. State government officials from the Governor and Attorney General to the Department of Human Rights have added to this narrative. The media has been unrelenting in their piling on. 

Not so fast.

The story of Officer Maiya Cain is powerfully enlightening. Cain, who is only in her third year as a Minneapolis police officer, was just named the Minnesota Association of Women Police 2021 Officer of the Year. While Cain certainly deserves to be the story, there is an equally important takeaway; the MPD remains solid at its core, and its future is bright. How many of us could have done what Officer Cain has done in our third year? Would it be likely if the agency that we were mentored in was toxic, racist, sexist, and corrupt, as many detractors have labeled it to be? Serious people know the answers to those questions.

Well done Officer Cain and well done MPD. 

The following is from the MPD release about Cain’s achievement:   

We are quite proud of Minneapolis Police Officer Maiya Cain, who was named the Minnesota Association of Women Police 2021 Officer of the Year. Officer Cain was honored earlier this month at the MAWP conference.

Cain, who became a sworn police officer just three years ago, is known as a dependable, hard-working leader with a strong work-ethic, often exceeding supervisors’ expectations. In the first 11 months of 2021, for example, Cain had responded to more than 1,500 calls for service ranging from lost children or traffic accidents, to incredibly stressful and high-risk calls such as overdoses, stabbings, and shootings.

Cain’s work was highlighted in many instances, especially with her work in bringing into custody suspects associated with shooting at United States National Guard soldiers, the pursuit and arrest of a murder suspect moments after the suspect fired a fatal shot, her return in that same instance to give aid to the victim after apprehending the suspect, and the apprehension of a burglary suspect who was also accused of exposing himself to a young teen.

Minneapolis Interim Police Chief Amelia Huffman said that Cain’s work exemplifies our officers’ commitment to protecting lives and safety, promoting peace and taking action that allows offenders to be held accountable for harm to our community.

“I couldn’t be more proud that Officer Cain has been recognized by the Minnesota Association of Women Police” Interim Chief Huffman said. “Without a doubt, she is a force for good in our city, carrying out her duties with compassion and determination night after night. Officer Cain has demonstrated courage and caring in her work and the Minneapolis Police Department is fortunate to count her among our ranks.”